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    Default Christmas Blind Buys

    Gentlemen, as it is the holiday season I am sure we will be spoiling ourselves a little bit and hopefully being spoilt by our loved ones. Any planned blind buys this holiday season?

    My gf just let me know she has in the mail for me Montale Full Incense and Ambre 114. Never tried them but I've heard good things, any thoughts on these two?

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    Oh and do you all have any big buys planned for the holidays?

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    Default Re: Christmas Blind Buys

    Almost every purchase of mine is a blind buy. Just recently made a large purchase of the three new Lubins, the new Histoires de Parfums Olympia and the new Musc Tonkin. As for Full Incense and Ambre 114, I own both of them and they're both great IMO.

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    Default Re: Christmas Blind Buys

    Yes. Santal de Noble and Norne. Both came today and I am wearing Norne right now!
    1. Epic Man by Amouage (33 wears)
    2. Leather Oud by Christian Dior (31 wears)
    3. M7 by Yves Saint Laurent (27 wears)
    4. Oud Imperial (black) by Perris Monte Carlo (22 wears)
    5. Russian Tea Ritual by Masque (20 wears)
    6. Fate Man by Amouage (19 wears)

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    Default Re: Christmas Blind Buys

    Very good fragrances.

    Ambre 114 - Most similar to Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan, but less herbs.
    Montale Full Incense - churchy incense, like Avignon but stronger.
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    Default Re: Christmas Blind Buys

    I cant really afford niche fragrances but still planing to do a blind buy. I am thinking about Viktor&Rolf Spicebomb. In my country u cant try it but online shops can provide a bottle so....
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    Default Re: Christmas Blind Buys

    Like hednic I'm a regular 'blind buyer'. Just blind bought the following (as Christmas pressies to myself!):

    L'Artisan Parfumeur Batucada
    Hermes Elixir Des Merveilles
    Mont Blanc Legend Special Edition 2012
    L'eau pour homme Azzaro
    My current top 10 (subject to change) in no particular order:

    Rive Gauche Pour Homme, Essenza de Zegna, Zegna Essenze Amber Gold, Armani Privé Sable Or, Armani Privé Vétiver Babylone, Mancera Cedrat Bois, Acqua di Giň Profumo, Amouage Dia Man, L'Artisan Explosions d’Emotions: Amour Nocturne, Zegna Essenze Italian Bergamot/Acqua di Bergamotto
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    Default Re: Christmas Blind Buys

    Wow, those are some very nice gifts...lucky you! . I haven't tried the Montale, but I think Ambre 114 is great. It's very well blended & balanced IMO & one of the few ambers that doesn't get overly sweet for me.

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