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    Default Tendre Poison - what is similar?

    Hello Basenoters,

    I am new to the site and have enjoyed reading the reviews and forums.

    Hoping that you can help. I am a long-time lover of Tendre Poison. I hope to have made an Ebay purchase that will prove to be real, however, I think I need to prepare for when I absolutely cannot buy it again.

    Given this, can anyone please suggest some fragrances similar to Tendre Poison that I can try? I love what I think is the 'green-ness' about it and the warmth that it seems to have; it makes me feel happy!

    Apologies for the lack of technical knowledge and terminology and further apologies if this question has been answered elsewhere on the site.


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    Default Re: Tendre Poison - what is similar?


    Let me first present my deepest condolences. No fragrance will be exactly like Tender Poison. My best friend wore and loved it. The closest (although not exactly the same) fragrance is Cabotine by Gres. The original. It's still unchanged and has the same green, fresh, musky, clean sillage. Cabotine is slightly greener and lemony and less medicinal and powdery compared to TP. You can experiment by mixing scents. There was a similar fragrance that came along around the time TP and Cabotine came out - C'est la vie by Christian Lacroix. Cabotine + C'est la vie = Tender Poison. C'est la vie was a powdery, medicinal, bitter-sweet musky scent. It's now sadly discontinued and not easily found. There is a similar masculine scent - Grey flannel by Geoffrey Beene. Grey flannel has the strong bitter violet + orris accord Cabotine lacks. 4 sprays of Cabotine + 1 spray of Grey flannel will give the exact feel of Tender Poison. I just tested and compared. Good luck and please share with me Your thoughts on it.

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    Default Re: Tendre Poison - what is similar?

    Hmm, i find it close to the original, but green instead of fruity. How about the original?

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    Default Re: Tendre Poison - what is similar?

    Quote Originally Posted by d4N13L View Post
    Hmm, i find it close to the original, but green instead of fruity. How about the original?
    Which scent are You talking about?

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    Default Re: Tendre Poison - what is similar?

    d4N13L, thanks for your suggestion. I do have Poison and like it, but it doesn't have the feel that I am looking for. I know that some people do find Poison and Tendre Poison similar, but I find them very different and like them for different reasons, I guess. I have a friend who received a bottle of Poison as a gift when it was first released. She was only about 17 at the time and had no understanding of subtlety! She threw it on and made all our heads spin!

    Thanks Nevena, so much, for your help. I do remember Cabotine, thank you for reminding me of it. I think that I will try to buy that and the Grey Flannel and do a mix. Do you think that I could simply measure and mix the scents (4 parts Cabotine, 1 part Grey Flannel) into a new bottle? Sorry, I am new to this so not sure. Also not sure if I could do this if I bought sprays as I am not sure I would be able to get the caps off - or back on again!

    I do appreciate your understanding of how much I will miss this fragrance. I went to a small perfume retailer the other day and tried to explain what I was looking for - obviously these people are just into retail and not into fragrance itself - I said that I was looking for something 'green' - so he gave me a spray of DKNY Be Delicious - because 'it's in a green bottle'! (Too fruity for me by the way!)

    Thanks again, look forward to your advice and again many thanks for going to so much effort.


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    Default Re: Tendre Poison - what is similar?


    I do not think it's worth mixing it up in a bottle. I have myself not done it and can't give feedback. Maybe You can try with a small quantity and see how it goes. Try to wear Cabotine on its own first and see how it goes. I used to hate Cabotine ....... and Tender poison (sorry) in my early 20's and I gave my Cabotine bottle to my best friend who was complaining Tender Poison was too expensive. She took to Cabotine and never bought TP again. Actually, not one person noticed she changed perfumes so it must be similar. She also bought C'est la vie and alternated or mixed those. Cabotine is dirt cheap. I bought my last bottle, a 100ml EDT tester for less than 15$ delivered to France from fragrancex. You can also try Cabotine EDP as it is closer to TP and lasts better. Around 20-30$. Grey flannel is also cheap.

    Another idea is to look for a company that makes immitations. Some are pretty close to the original. I got a powder that smelled exactly like Narcisse Chloe and a body lotion that smelled like Miss Dior. I regret not writing down the company details. I only remember it was an American company and they sell over the net. Don't know if they ship overseas. Maybe ask around on this or some other forum.

    Most sales assistants have no empathy and understanding what other people want. They usually push what is new and what they themselves like. Never mind. My hubby keeps bringing mme perfumes the salesgirls suggested based on what he told them I like. To say I hate it is an understatement.

    Good luck and I'll think about other options.
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    Default Re: Tendre Poison - what is similar?

    Thanks again, Nevena, I'll get back to you with my results. Feeling much better about my perfume situation now.

    It is, however, a good chance to try something different of which I must admit I haven't done enough. Hopefull I'll get some ideas in the forum ... if you have any for me, I would appreciate them but understand it's a bit difficult to do.

    On the purchase of perfume for others, a friend of mine used to love Beautiful but has since moved on ... but her husband has not. He buys it for her all the time and gets quite hurt if she wears anything else ... even if she suggests something different and how much she would love it, she still gets Beautiful. I guess signature scents mean a lot to those around us, not just ourselves.

    Cheers and thanks again. These kinds of forums are to me the best of the internet - people sharing their interests and knowledge and helping others out. Love it.

    I'll check out frangrancex, too.


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    Default Re: Tendre Poison - what is similar?

    I was just going to do an advanced search, using the notes of Tendre Poison, to try and find something similar, and came upon this thread, which is wonderful, saves me some time, thanks for that. I have been looking at the few remaining bottles of TP on Ebay, and the prices are of course, completely outrageous. I did find a website last year, that had 100 ml bottles for 34 pounds, and i ordered one. It was of course, fake. I was sad about that, but kind of expected it, due to the bargain price. I gave it away, my friend was happy with it, i was not, having had 3 maybe even 4 bottles of the original. So, am going to take Nevena's suggestion, and get a bottle of Cabotine, which i have heard of, but not tried. I will see how that smells, and if it's not quite as i want, i'll add the Cest La Vie too. A little experiment, and not too expensive, hopefully.
    Thank you ladies.

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    Default Re: Tendre Poison - what is similar?

    Old thread, but what the heck I'm new so might as well post. Is this hard to find now? I remember it being one of my ex's daily go to sprays. And wouldn't luck have it, a new bottle minus a spray or 2 sits in a box of stuff she left behind. Destined for eBay . A nice floral uppercut I would sum it up as...and its a 100ml Apple shaped bottle. OHH lucky me . LOL . What's this jug worth?
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