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    Default Mont Blanc Presence

    This has been compared to Jaipur, and I do smell a resemblance. I'm wondering if they were composed by the same perfumer.
    Nevertheless, both are highly recommended by moi.

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    Default Re: Mont Blanc Presence

    Yep, those are great ones. Jaipur being a little sweeter. My wife LOVES both on me. Powdery, warm and sweet. Great for Fall and Winter.

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    Default Re: Mont Blanc Presence

    Own (and love Jaipur) and have tried MB Presence. Sorry, I don't get much resemblance, except the fact both are sweet. Jaipur is far more superior, especially on middle-dry down, imo.
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    Default Re: Mont Blanc Presence

    I find them to be very much a like, Jaipur (EDP) being much powdery, richer, denser and smooth with better longevity and sillage.

    I think Jaipur is better.

    They are not composed by the same perfumer. The nose behind Boucheron - Jaipur is Annick Menardo and the nose behind Mont Blanc - Presence is Corinne Cachen

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    Default Re: Mont Blanc Presence

    Agree Jaipur is way better

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    Default Re: Mont Blanc Presence

    May blind buy this stuff. I see it cheap in Ross, TJMaxx for around $20 for a 3.4oz. I sniffed Jaipur at Nordstrom and though I thought it smelled good, it wasn't Nordstrom price good.

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    Default Re: Mont Blanc Presence

    Own both and like both.

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    Default Re: Mont Blanc Presence

    Jaipur (and actually Diesel Zero Plus Masculine too) is spoilt for me by a a white floral accord in the middle that smells like something my grandmother would wear.

    Presence is spoilt for me by a overly strong, soapy, scratchy, cheap smelling synthetic musk note that is there from the get go and stays around like the guy at a house party who can't take the hint that the hosts want to clear up and then go to bed. I have to mist this one so that the musk is weakened enough that I can smell the other components.

    If I could find a frag that had the cinnamon-cardamom-heliotrope-tonka combo of these two but without the notes that do not agree with me, I would be in hog heaven.

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    Default Re: Mont Blanc Presence

    Nothing can actually beat Jaipur Homme EDP in terms of quality, versatility and the beauty of it!

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