Lost in the maze that is old Venice a few, wet, days ago, with the tide rising and dropping regularly, I discovered yet another perfume lover's paradise on earth. On Frezzeria 1178, very close by Piazza S. Marco, two sisters run the wonderful "I Muschieri". It is a tiny place, but it felt to me as if it offered more than, say, Aedes de Venustas in New York. The display is not glamorous, simple selves filled with bottles of the best perfumery offers. Over 30 brands from Caron to Nez Nez, to Villoresi, to Montale, and so on. However, the great asset of I Muschieri is its owners; the two ladies that run the place are courteous, extremely helpful and knowledgable. I was really surprised with their warmth, enthusiasm and friendliness when on an early Saturday afternoon, we spent some time chatting about perfumes, and introducing me to one Italian brand that I had never heard before and a perfume called Ferfaen I now love (and wait my next chance to purchase it). Given that this is Venice where tourists are never in short supply, having this relaxed and humane experience so close to bustling PdSM will stay a cherished memory. Grazie signore!