So I'm putting together an order from TPC. Since I live in a country with ridiculous import taxes, it's a rare opportunity for me to put together a sizable order and have a US-located relative who's coming home for Christmas bring the package over to me. Therefore I want to make this a proper order, grabbing all the most talked-about and intriguing things that I haven't tried before. So far I have:

Chanel Coromandel
Chanel Sycomore
Eau de Guerlain
L'Occitane Eau des Baux
Tom Ford Noir de Noir
A*Men Pure Malt
Aramis Havana
L'Air du Desert Marocain
Guerlain Derby
Knize Ten
PdN New York

My question to you is: What am I missing, here? I've already ordered several well-known and much-discussed fragrance samples from TPC (you can see them in my sample wardrobe), and this order is feeling pretty complete, but there have to be some that I'm forgetting.