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    Default Cologne recommendation not for me to smell but for others

    Well, Most of you like to smell cologne and thats the reason you buy them, well for me my motive is two fold, I would like to get a nice whiff everynow and then but I am not the kind who would keep going to my wrist to smelll it.
    For me its important that others around me can smell and find it pleasing.

    I don't have atrained nose and i think my nose gets fatigued fast.
    Here are the ones I have used
    Chaneel PE
    YSl La Nuit
    Burberry Touch
    Armani Code Sport
    La male
    1 Million

    Now the 1 milllion i can smell all day, but can other smell it on me? I dont know.
    same with La Male.

    I really like touch and La nuit but La nuit fades away on my skin rather quickly and on my closes even faster.

    Chanel PE is also not that great on me. but Armani Code sport does then to stay and i get a whiff of if without trying to smell it.

    I recently smelled Burberry classis for Men and John vervatos vintage i and also Spicebomb by Victor.

    I liked Burberry classic for men the most but did not get a sample to test it out for a complete day of wearing and same with the other two mentioned above as well.

    Need some thoughs and recommendations.

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    Default Re: Cologne recommendation not for me to smell but for others

    Carbone de Balmain

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    Default Re: Cologne recommendation not for me to smell but for others

    It is always hard to know what other people like or dislike, so usually the best thing is to go light - so at least others are not overwhelmed by the sillage of the perfume.

    In any case, I'd suggest Chanel Egoiste, the regular Egoiste, not Egoiste PE, which is very rich, smooth, and elegant, hard to think it'll offend anybody. For something fresher, Terre d'Hermes (which I like less, btw) strikes me as something smooth enough to be inoffensive.


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