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    The story is I have an older friend who has been in a search for Pub Cologne that he wore back in the day. It still shows it in production in the directory, but was originally done by Revlon. Does anyone know of a site that sells or can get preferably a newer bottle and not a stale one from the 60's to wear since he will be wearing it?

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    Newer bottle? What would that mean in this context? If there were new ones they would not be nearly as good as the original and you would be better off with something else, IMO (based upon experience, such as what happened with Chaps). I have some I'm selling but I have no idea what it smelled like when it was new. Often, the top notes are largely gone, and that is what the "casual" wearer notices most. It's clearly got lavender, anise, and a vanilla/amber thing going on, in a crude but likeable blend.

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