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    Default Confused about Angel Aqua Chic

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new here and need some help with a quandary involving Angel Aqua Chic. I've always liked the original Angel and Angel Innocent, but don't wear them because they're so strong that I get a little self-conscious wearing them outside of the house. Plus you have to be in the mood for them. Sometimes it's just too much, no matter how little you apply.

    After watching the blogger Killer Colours' perfume video, I purchased the Angel Taste of Fragrance version and do like it. I don't smell bitter cocoa powder, but it seems slightly less pungent and less sweet, so I'm not as paranoid about wearing it.

    She also mentioned Angel Aqua Chic, something that I smelled this summer at Sephora. I remember spritzing some on a card and being amazed at how it didn't really smell like Angel and that it was summery and fresh.

    I figured I'd wait awhile and maybe buy Aqua Chic during the Sephora 20% off sale. They had sold out of it, but I bought a bottle from Perfume Emporium for a very good price.

    It arrived a few days ago and I spritzed a tiny bit on one wrist in the bedroom, which is upstairs. My husband, whose nose is not good at all (he has a deviated septum), was downstairs and asked, "What is that smell? It smells like a perfume counter in here!"

    Sure enough, I sniffed my wrist and the stuff was just as strong as the original Angel. I smelled no top notes at all and just the heavier base notes. It was actually getting kind of suffocating, so I washed my wrist and wiped it down with alcohol and the blasted stuff hung on for hours no matter what I did.

    Do you think something is wrong with my bottle? Have any of you had this experience? I keep reading all of these raves about how fresh and summery it is and all I get is plain old Angel from it. It was brand new and sealed too.

    I'm so disappointed about this. It's the only perfume my husband has ever recoiled from. He doesn't even mind the Taste of Fragrance Angel!

    It stinks (no pun intended) that I wasn't able to get it from Sephora because I could have returned it for a refund. Crud.
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    Default Re: Confused about Angel Aqua Chic

    Okay, you originally tried on a card and not your skin. Your chemistry is blasting it out.
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