Hi guys,
I'm still on my way picking up the flowers for my collection. So far I have my choice of rose, jasmine, violet, tuberose, lily and iris. I guess the next stop would be orange blossom

Please give me some suggestion for this flower.
I prefer my flower to be fresh and realistic but with some twist to it. I nearly think I find my orange blossom the first time I smell SL Fleurs d'Oranger but the drydown is a let down to me, too boring!

I'll be lovely if the orange blossom is treated in the style/vibe of a classic Eau de Cologne however the flower has to be big, front, center and not overshadowed by other "masculine" notes

A lot of things to ask for, I know LOL

One more thing though, I do not like the orange blossom to be paired with heavier notes like it is in APOM

Thanks guys