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    Smile VC&A Pour Homme Concentrated, I presume?

    Hello to everyone on Basenotes. I have been lurking and learning here for a while.
    This is something I just picked up in an auction. I didn't pull the trigger right away because I wasn't 100% sure what it was.

    It had no cap or box, and was listed as a women's fragrance. But I studied the pics and did some digging, and decided that it was in fact VC&A Pour Homme Concentrated Cologne. I have never tried the regular Pour Homme, but have read quite a bit about it and also some about the later Concentrated version. It sounded like something I would enjoy, based on the descriptions and because I am a fan of other scents from the same era.

    So it was delivered today and I proceeded to spray a bit on my forearm. It goes on like an absolute bomb! I only put on a light shot, and it is extremely potent. I do like it, especially now that it has settled down some (around two hours after application). Such an opulent scent. I have yet to do any reviews, and will hold off on doing one on this for now. I am glad I got it. There was some uncertainty involved in the purchase, and it is certainly no collector's piece (e.g. around 80% full and with no cap). But it wasn't expensive, and once I was able to identify it and understood its rarity, well, I just had to get it!

    I know there is a chance someone will set me straight and tell me that this bottle is something other than VC&A PH CC, but I think that chance is small.
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