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    Default Creed Millesime Imperial @ Kohl's online

    Can someone please confirm if Kohl's sells legit Creed fragrance online?

    4 oz for $200 USD seems too good to be true.

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    Default Re: Creed Millesime Imperial @ Kohl's online

    I doubt Kohl's would sell fakes. They're too well known and have too much to lose by selling fake frags.

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    Default Re: Creed Millesime Imperial @ Kohl's online

    They are probably getting it through a place like Fragrancenet or similar. They are not a Creed Authorized reseller.

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    Default Re: Creed Millesime Imperial @ Kohl's online

    Yeah, that's not that great a deal. Better to go through to access and get 6% cash back from them in combination with a 20% off code from Fragrancenet (NCWB2, for instance). That would be a 20% + 6% reduction, or $120.46 for the 4 oz. bottle, with no tax/shipping. That's a lot better than $200.00, plus any applicable fees.

    Want an even bigger discount? Wait to buy (in the way described above) until closer to Christmas and get an even bigger cash back percentage from Last year, the cash back percentage was 13% around Christmastime. Coupled with the Fragrancenet 20% coupon, that's a discount of 33%! Yes, it's true. They recently offered 12% cash back around black Friday. So I fully expect the cash back percentage to increase as we get closer to Christmas.

    If brings back the 13% cash back from last year, you could get a 4 oz. bottle of MI for as little as $111.49. Don't want to spend that much? Then buy a 2.5 oz tester bottle for $83.65, still with no tax/shipping.
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