Hi guys and girls! I've just read the thread about ELDO Fat Electrician and am curious. I am on a "green" quest lately and would like to get some suggestions for a vetiver prominent fragrance. Not that it's part of the genre, but I tested Quorum for the first time (!) the other day...and it was greenness deluxe - I can't think why I've never tried this price-friendly fragrance before!

But back to my question - I see vetiver as being "green" and would like to get some suggestions on a readily available vetiver scent. The ones I've seen here are Guerlain, Givenchy, Fat Electrician, Encre Noir, Sycomore and the Dior one. Also CDG Amazingreen is available here, but not sure if it's vetiver?

Which would be your pick out of the ones listed? As usual, "subtlety" is not in my fragrance vocabulary