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    Default List (or Master List) of reformulated Men's fragrances

    Hello all,

    I've been reading these forums for most of 2012, and enjoy all the contributions and information on offer. Thanks to all.

    One thing I was not aware of prior to starting out on basenotes was that fragrances get reformulated, usually for the worse. I don't know about others, but I personally would find it very useful to have a list (maybe a sticky thread) that lists as many men's fragrances as possible that have been changed. The list could be as simple (just naming the fragrance) or as complex as people's knowledge allows.

    Alternately, if such a list (or lists) already exists somewhere on the www, please let me know. I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance to all.

    EDIT : I do know about the other thread "Reformulated Fragrances List", which is ok as a starting point, but seems dominated by female fragrances, and male and female fragrances are sort of jumbled together, making it a little hard to read.
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    Default Re: List (or Master List) of reformulated Men's fragrances

    In any form I think it would be a major undertaking as it seems that there have been so many changes over the years taking place with fragrances.

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    Default Re: List (or Master List) of reformulated Men's fragrances


    Unfortunately, it'd be easier to make a list of things that have not been reformulated. and I don't think this list would have many entries. However, not all reformulations are bad, and a more interesting list would be that of reformulations that are still close to original and good. But here perhaps opinions differ on what is or is not good.

    I think that on average masculine perfumes have so far survived better than female ones, many of which have been mercilessly cheapened and ruined. In general, the most problematic scents are either those that contained now restricted oakmoss (eg Eau Sauvage, Chanel pour monsieur etc), or those that had loads of animalics (first substituted with synthetics then cleaned up in line with current tastes). In terms of brands, my opinion is that Dior and YSL are among the less careful masculine brands in reformulating, Chanel tends to pay some more attention, Caron so far seems ok for the masculines (unlike for the feminines, which have been butchered), and Guerlain is ok for the most part (though not entirely).

    I cannot think of a previous general post like that, but specific fragrances have been often discussed. So if you have an interest in a specific fragrance, you can search for it here on BN and likely you'll find a thread or two discussing the reformulation. I also like a lot Turin and Sanchez book (A-Z guide), which is not shy in criticizing reformulations - remembering however that many reformulations happened after the book was published (in fact, Turin and Sanchez have a follow up book on their best 100 scents, which highlights further later reformulations).


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    Default Re: List (or Master List) of reformulated Men's fragrances

    I have to agree with the other two members. Also we dont always know when a reformulation is happening.

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    Default Re: List (or Master List) of reformulated Men's fragrances

    Many thanks to all the respondents. I suppose I betray my newbie status by asking such a question. Oh well, I guess if you don't ask, you don't get.

    Many thanks again.

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