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    Default New laws/regulations?

    Having just begun this fun a few months ago, I don't really know much about ingredients. Every once in awhile, I read about new laws or regulations coming in 2013...right? If so, will it affect ALL frags or just certain ones? If just certain ones, which ones? Just trying to figure out if any frags on my Buy list will change soon & if I need to grab them soon
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    Default Re: New laws/regulations?

    My guess is that any new laws will impact some natural ingredients. hard to say which ones.

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    Default Re: New laws/regulations?

    Even if it does I really doubt they'll pull/recall shelf stock over it. So depending on the popularity and breadth of its release any given fragrance it might still be available for a time even after the year turns.

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    Default Re: New laws/regulations?

    I heard it would be 2014 they were TALKING ABOUT IT in the EU. I haven't heard of anything being passed etc. I'm hoping someone more knowledgeable comes along because I am wanting to know this too.

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    Default Re: New laws/regulations?

    IFRA has already severely restricted many ingredients (like moss, jasmine, heliotropin, birch tar, bergamot, etc), so most reformulations have already taken place. EU has proposed to ban some altogether (moss and jasmine, if I am not wrong), but there's nothing set yet. Not clear how much this would do since in practice these have already been restricted.


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    Default Re: New laws/regulations?

    It is wonderful how myths become reality; gossip! IFRA restricts certain materials (including Moss), the EU has suggested that it may ban certain materials (including moss) and severely restrict others (including Coumarin and Limonene). This will have a massive impact on all fragrances, especially Chypres and Fougeres. Just about every fragrance you can think of will contain some Limonene. However, this is only speculation at the moment; indeed IFRA are trying to make the EU see sense. Where does Jasmin come into this?

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    Default Re: New laws/regulations?

    Why is it that the IFRA restrict certain notes/ingredients from fragrances???

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    Default Re: New laws/regulations?

    Quote Originally Posted by frostyicy View Post
    Why is it that the IFRA restrict certain notes/ingredients from fragrances???
    IFRA restricts certain ingredients because after having tested them they have been found to cause various problems such as skin sensitivity. They have determined a level below which this problem is not apparent, and will indicate at what level that material is safe to use. If you Google "IFRA" you will find a more detailed explanation.

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