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    When I initially joined Basenotes I bought Serge Lutens MKK and Ambre 114 and
    thought I knew what scent I wanted to wear but as my search to find the ultimate scent continued I realised that my initial list of fragrances were wrong. The good news is I am now very settled on what fragrances I do want so I will be not be deviating again. The three fragrances that I want are:- (1) very fresh wet earthy soil (2) leather like new leather coats and (3) fresh tobacco from a newly bought tobacco pouch

    I bought Neil Morris Earthtones 1 Dark Earth which I think has the smell of very fresh wet earthy soil but it does not last long enough on me (I love sillage monsters)

    I also bought SMN patchouli which I think is the best patchouli I have ever smelt

    Problem being is that I want all three scents (very fresh wet earthy soil, leather like new leather coats and fresh tobacco from a newly bought tobacco pouch) in just one bottle. I want it to be very strong having amazing projection, sillage and longevity - I want others to be able to smell it from a distance. I also want to be able to apply it by spray because I like to apply it to my skin and my clothes and using a spray is the easiest way for me to do this

    As if this is not a hard enough challenge I wanted a special bottle for special nights out (the price ceiling preferably being no more than £100). I also wanted a cheaper bottle for everyday wear like a signature scent (the price ceiling preferably being no more than £50). There is obviously flexibility here. Whilst I am not opposed to shipping in fragrances I live in England and would ideally wish to avoid shipping and custom charges for my everyday scent

    I am always thrilled to get responses from the Basenotes community and I am always extremely appreciative to those who take the time to impart their knowledge on to me. I am obliged for any help that you may be able to offer me

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    Default Re: Last Try

    Maybe Montale Oud Cuir D'Arabie

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    Hard to think about something highlighting the three together. But you could smell Knize Ten or Bandit, two mossy leathers, to see if they get close. +1 to the Montales as well, hard to beat their sillage.


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