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    Default Caramelized red apples

    I've done this thread before without any luck, so I decided to give it another shot. I really hope you guys will help me out.

    Have you ever smelt a fragrance that smells deeply of caramelized/candied red apples?
    Warm in almost a burning type of way, rich with sugary sweetness. Well sir, if you have, comment the fragrance down below! I don't bother me to wear a feminine scent.

    I just wish sometimes that I could make my own scent and have it smell just the way I like...

    Anyway, thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Caramelized red apples

    Perhaps Micallef Special Edition 2011 might give you that vibe if others haven't.

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    Default Re: Caramelized red apples

    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    Perhaps Micallef Special Edition 2011 might give you that vibe if others haven't.
    I will deff check that one out, thanks!

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    Default Re: Caramelized red apples

    Hmmm...sounds intriguing. I haven't found a scent that would match that description, but I know of 2 that if you layered them together you might get it. I'm guessing that if you were to layer Benefit "So Hooked on Carmella" with CB I Hate Perfume "Gathering Apples" you might get that kind of a scent. I own Gathering Apples and it smells just like crisp sweet red apples, I love the stuff...and my wife owns the So Hooked on Carmella, but it's too sweet for her so it's on my sale post, but I might try the combo out and tell you what I think. Good luck on your search for a single frag that smells like that, if I find one I'll let you know.

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    Default Re: Caramelized red apples

    Dior Homme Intense has some of it. For caramel, without apples, you can check some frags with immortelle, like Lutens Jeux de peau (buttery toast and caramel) or Dior Eau Noire (lavender licorice and burnt caramel).


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    Default Re: Caramelized red apples

    I strongly recommend Marks & Spencer's Autograph Intense which is probably just what you're looking for...and only £18 for 100ml

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    Default Re: Caramelized red apples

    Try Carlos Santana for Him. A cheapie celebrity scent that might surprise you.

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    Default Re: Caramelized red apples

    + Santana
    I'd try Nicole Miller for Men as well.
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    Default Re: Caramelized red apples

    I second the Nicole Miller for Men.
    I don't have a signature fragrance. My signature changes a little bit every day, why shouldn't my fragrance?

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    Default Re: Caramelized red apples

    I want to say one of the Lacoste fragrances was like that, maybe Red? Perhaps another BNer could verify this for you...
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    Default Re: Caramelized red apples

    Ambre Narguile?
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    Default Re: Caramelized red apples

    DKNY Red Delicious For Men is a decent comparatively cheaper option for apple liquer notes.

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