OK I just found these (the masculine and femenine 30ml bottles) at my local pharmacy for a real low price and snapped 'em up. Only tested the mens one. Mostly got them because the bottles are fun. They remind me of the phasers from Star Trek TNG XD

I can't find the notes for this flanker though. Does anyone know them? I'm pretty sure they have the same apple/almond as the normal Azzaro Twin (kinda synthetic but not unpleasant) but if anyone has a list or would like to give their impressions I'd appreciate it.

I will say I'm enjoying the men's version so far. Nothing groundbreaking, but I find it very jolly. Plus I like being all 'Set phasers to stun!' pew-pew! Someone give Worf a spritz, he smells awful (I bet Worf wears Kouros) er, I may have said too much... >.>