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    Default Re: Fragrance Addict at Just 19 years old? Is This Normal?

    Quote Originally Posted by Profumo Saggio View Post
    Well put. If these bottles are all the largest 100, 120 or 125ml sizes you probably won't need all these back ups if you actually use many from your collection regularly.
    Will a bottle that one started three years ago turn bad?

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    Default Re: Fragrance Addict at Just 19 years old? Is This Normal?

    Quote Originally Posted by Gabe View Post
    ...Is this normal for someone my age, or has anyone else experienced this as well when they were around my age? If this really isn't normal, what would you guys suggest I do to better control my obsession with purchasing fragrances?

    Thank in advance!
    Is this normal? No, but I don't really consider any of us who frequent this site to be "normal" So, not normal to a typical 19 yr old old, but for someone who has found a passion for fragrance I think you're OK. A bit excessive with the multiple bottles, but as long as you're not going broke or doing nefarious things to afford your habit you should be fine.

    I worry a little about the use of the word "obsession", maybe if that was changed to "passion" it would be better, but it also could be a matter of translation.

    The fact that you are concerned might cause some concern. Do you have anything else that you tend to own a lot of or even horde?

    If I were you I would make a rule that you should own only ONE bottle of each fragrance. After all at your age it is inevitable that you will find other fragrances that will be just as good and even better than the ones you love now.

    Chickenfreak makes some very good points, and none of the items I see on your list are all that difficult to find in this ever shrinking world. Besides, imagine how bad you would feel if your backup bottles turned and were rendered useless. I did a similar thing where I saved my favorite frags and only wore them on ultra special occasions, then I noticed 2 of my bottles had turned and I was devastated.

    Self control might be a wise thing But congrats on being one of us and sharing our passion
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    Default Re: Fragrance Addict at Just 19 years old? Is This Normal?

    I guess i started late. Glad didn't start earlier since it can be an expensive hobby, especially when you start niche (like amouage)

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