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    Wink Sample Haul Impressions!

    I recently ordered quite a few samples from surrendertochance, luckyscent and aedes and I'm very happy I did. I can't stress enough that people should sample instead of blind buying as you get to try more and really find out what you like and what you don't like.

    Frederic Malle Bigarade Concentre: Opens up with a mixture of sharp, zesty bitter orange, grapefruit, tangerine and lemon. It's not completely citrus and has a distinct hay note and later the rose comes into play. This may be a possible purchase but, I'm debating if this is better than Concentre De Pamplemousse Rose which is my zesty citrus fragrance. It smells very good from a distance and its longevity may beat out Concentre which isn't that great.
    Serge Lutens Sa majeste La Rose: A very realistic lush owe fragrance that was quite radiant with the typical Lutens sweet accord added along with vanilla. It's not as sweet initially but, the more it dries down it becomes to take on a more honeyed character paired with the lush roses. It doesn't feel dated or particularly feminine although, seems to border on the line between unisex and feminine. A definite must try and is one of Lutens best.
    Serge Lutens Bois De Violette: Candied violets and cedar wood with stewed fruit. It feels slightly more masculine than Feminite Du Bois and doesn't come across as powdery or too sweet. It's a very relaxed and comforting scent.
    Serge Lutens Feminite Du Bois : Fruits, spices, musk and cedar. It's watered down from the original which is disappointing and feels fruitier and more musky. I'm not a huge fan of peach and this would be a lot better without it to me.
    Shiseido Feminite Du Bois: More powerful and dense than the new version and being slightly sweeter and less musky. It feels more rounded and quite unique although, it's difficult to find and the peach note is still not one of my favorites.
    Serge Lutens L'eau: Quite disappointing. It's not bad but, not great. Minimal citrus and no calone but, it feels like an upscale dryer sheet. The longer it stayed on my skin the more "buzz" I got which I didn't like. I expected a bit more. There are so many other clean scents that are far better than this.
    Serge Lutens Iris Silver Mist: The drydown was quite pleasant but that took quite a while. For the longest time this smells astringent and almost takes on a glass cleaner feel! It feels "stingy" and just like carrots. I don't hate it yet not a big fan. It's quite earthy and has an ethereal type of feel but, just feels a bit too much if a one trick pony. The drydown is quite pleasant but unfortunately it takes a long time to get there and the result simply isn't worth the wait nor is it impressive enough.
    Serge Lutens Chene: Rum, oak, honey and spice. It's very linear yet smells very good! Smells like an oak chest filled with rum and honey and some cedar. One of the favorite samples I had and is one I will probably be adding to my wardrobe. The only downside is sometimes it may feel a bit too one dimensional.
    Dior Bois d'Argent: I had high hopes for this and it just turned out to be a disappointment. It's powdery iris and vanilla and not a whole lot else. It's very understated and feels like part of Dior Homme with bits and pieces taken out to make it muted, more powdery and overall less interesting.
    Thierry Mugler Pure Havane: The opening is fantastic. It has a berry like honey sweetness with patchouli and a very faint tobacco note. I expected the tobacco to be more prominent but it's taking a backseat here. The more it dries down the more it loses it's berry, honey take and goes towards a more vanilla direction. It still feels very similar to Pure Malt but, sweeter and more of an emphasis on vanilla. It's hard to imagine having both in a wardrobe unless you're a collector. I prefer Pure Malt overall but, if I would have never tried it I would have this.
    Kerosene Fields of Rubus: I expected more of a raspberry note but it feels to be mainly white chocolate, patchouli and a very faint raspberry background. Overall it feels raw and slightly one dimensional. It's pleasant but isn't something that really grabbed my attention.
    Kerosene Copper Skies: The opening is quite nice and is a bit different than most ambers. I smell quite a bit of clove, basil (not nearly as much as Musc Ravageur) and smoke along with the amber. It feels a bit too smokey for my tastes and my biggest gripe is the drydown smells exactly like New Haarlem. I was quite puzzled because for a while it smelled nothing like it.
    Aqua Universalis Forte: Probably one of my favorite clean scents right along with Prada Amber, Mugler Cologne and Himalaya. This has a definitive white flowers note but, doesn't feel feminine. It's very strong, long lasting and quite balanced. It doesn't feel soapy at all and has a nice slight citrus note but mainly feels floral with a very light woods grounding it all.
    Bulgari Black: The more I wore this, the more I enjoyed it. I've come to find out I don't really like straight up vanilla as its usually too sweet so it has to paired with other things. The smoke, rubber and leather(?) go very nicely with the vanilla which seems to be the perfect balance. Not too sweet, not too dry. It is one that didn't feel to last long while sampling but, while wearing I got constant wafts of it for 6-8 hours. Definitely on my to buy list and the price point is a huge plus!
    Prada Amber: A while ago I decided on Infusion D'Homme over this as I felt it was too sharp. I enjoy Infusion D'Homme but, eventually gave it away since it felt just too soapy. I went back to this and I enjoy it a lot better. It's soapy but, with a sweet amber undertone which pairs very nicely. Nothing too unique or over the too but, sometimes people overvalue uniqueness. This is definitely on my to buy list and I'd happily wear this. Takes on an elegant quality and doesn't come across as too loud.
    Chanel Bleu: This came across as far too fruity and bland. Woody, fruity and overall generic as they come. It seemed to buzz and hum and gave me a headache. Young girls would probably enjoy it as its definitely fruity and Justin Bieberish. I'd rather not smell like a manboy wearing this overpriced, over marketed bland fragrance. Fruit salad pour homme.
    Diptique Eau Duelle: The only one that I made a displeased face and had to pull away. Cloying vanilla paired with a green anise note? It's strong too. One I did not care for at all. Just not pleasant at all, I wouldn't wear this if someone paid me (depends on the price of course!).
    Jovoy L'Infant Terrible: The opening smells VERY close to Feminite Du Bois but, no peach(thank god) and a stronger woody presence. The spices are more recognizable and the strongest of the bunch is nutmeg. It's very pleasant, strong and my favorite from this line. I don't smell any floral notes in this so it's a pretty straight forward woody, spicy scent yet uses nutmeg which usually is found more in desserts so it takes on a sweeter quality. I smell a faint fruit note but, which to me it's slightly exotic and a little bit of orange. If anyone likes Feminite Du Bois you should try this. It's a less musky, less fruity, more masculine spicier version.
    Jovoy Ambre Premier: A rather understated amber paired with vanilla and a faint floral background that smells like rose. Rather poor longevity and something that has been done a thousand times before much better than this.
    Jovoy La Liturgies des Heures: This has a striking resemblance to Fille En Aiguilles with a slightly sweeter less pine approach. It's as if Fille En Aiguilles was more floral, less spicy, sweeter and more rounded. I actually prefer this to Fille En Aiguilles which to me, seems like an interesting smell that I wouldn't want to wear. This doesn't particularly impress me but, it's definitely good quality and anyone who enjoys the Lutens could give this a sniff.
    Jovoy Private Label: Once again this reminds me of another fragrance...Straight to Heaven by Kilian. Just replace the rum with leather and labdananum. It's only slightly similar and nowhere near as good. This was one I didn't really care for as it seemed to go in so many different directions and overall just didn't smell good. Straight to Heaven is one I enjoy and prefer far over this.
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    Default Re: Sample Haul Impressions!

    Thank you for sharing your impressions of these fragrances with us!
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    Default Re: Sample Haul Impressions!

    Just recently received bottles of the entire Jovoy Line available in the US. Great stuff.

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