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    Default Al-Rehab 6ml roller makes my neck red?

    Hi everyone,

    I recently purchased this Al-Rehab 6ml silver which comes as a roller. Beautiful scent at an inexpensive price, but about a day after I noticed my neck had red marks and has been for a couple of days.

    I applied some to my wrist and my neck, but it was just my neck that seems to have turnt red.

    Any idea's why this could be? It is 'Concentrated Perfume Oil, Free from Alcohol'.

    Just wondering why my wrists didn't turn red as well if I was allergic to something. Could it be that I applied too much that it irritated my skin?

    Thanks all.

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    Default Re: Al-Rehab 6ml roller makes my neck red?

    You must be allergic to one of the components in the oil. Maybe, like you said, you over-applied? I would refrain from applying it on my neck if I were you.
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    Default Re: Al-Rehab 6ml roller makes my neck red?

    Yeah, allergic reaction.

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    Default Re: Al-Rehab 6ml roller makes my neck red?

    +1 for allergic reaction.
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    Default Re: Al-Rehab 6ml roller makes my neck red?

    Neck area is more hyper sensitive and most likely irritation is an allergic reaction.
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    Default Re: Al-Rehab 6ml roller makes my neck red?

    Red marks are not a good sign on any part of the body.
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    Default Re: Al-Rehab 6ml roller makes my neck red?

    Thanks guys, better stop using it.

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    Default Re: Al-Rehab 6ml roller makes my neck red?

    try on someone else just to check
    for swap/sale:

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