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    Default Best Beard Trimmer for the job?

    I have tried like 3-4 electric shavers over the years but none of them have left me satisfied, with the results. I sport a full-face beard, and when it comes time to trim it i'm scared of what the result might be. It takes too long, as the razors get stuck in all the hair and the results are different every time. Hair is left everywhere, and all-in-all its an overkill and pains me to have to do it.

    So far i have tried a Phillips Shaver with contour trimming, Braun Cruzer 4, and a Remmington Barber clipper. These from what i can remember in recent years.

    I only seem to be satisfied when a person that cuts my hair trims my beard as well. One time i went to a salon just so i could get my beard trimmed. They seem to have used a Panasonic Clipper, but never learned the exact model. Only that it eased into clipping every hair quickly, nice and evenly...

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    Default Re: Best Beard Trimmer for the job?

    I've had decent results with a Remington MB320C Barba Beard Trimmer:
    Click to view my swap thread (L'Occitane and Tam Dao products going):

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    I have a discontinued Remington trimmer that has a vacuum to catch the stubble. The battery is wearing out, but its holding on.

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    Default Re: Best Beard Trimmer for the job?

    I used to have good results with the Braun Cruzer Beard and Head Trimmer.

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    Default Re: Best Beard Trimmer for the job?

    i have a professional grade trimmer, its the Andis outlinner was like $80....been going strong for years....even on heavy use of pubic/head/chest/leg/face and back hair..........i am more ape than shaves even closer than those lousy $15 trimmers at the local stores.
    14 sprays of DRAKKAR NOIR should do it

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    Default Re: Best Beard Trimmer for the job?

    i've been using a moser for about a decade. they're not cheap, about a 100 euros, but do a much better job than the frustrating cheaper ones. these are somewhat decent, anything else i've tried so far was crap. and that includes most common models of the major brands.

    if you think that that's a lot of money, compare that to seeing a barber every time.

    for longer beards, you will need a to use a separate comb. it takes some patience to acquire the skills, and that man in the mirror moving in the opposite direction can be confusing at times. :) i would recommend seeing an old-fashioned barber in this case, anyway.
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    Default Re: Best Beard Trimmer for the job?

    Though I neither shave electrically, nor did I ever grow a beard or any other facial hair, my simple Braun electric shaver (don't know exactly the model, serial number, year of construction) was very useful for me whenever I needed some trimming for sideburns- I know it is a bit off-topic, yet it might still be somewhat useful to tell. More precisely, using the foldable trimming device of this electric shaver. I know, the hair growth and thus the workload of trimming sideburns is negligible, compared to a full beard, yet for minor trimming activities, it did always serve me as one of the fastest, most precise and most cost-effective solutions ever.

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    Default Re: Best Beard Trimmer for the job?

    I've recently switched to the following: Panasonic ER-GB40-S Trimmer. A bonus is that you can use it in the shower and it's performed quite well so far.

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    Default Re: Best Beard Trimmer for the job?

    There are a bunch really, you could try this site,, I just googled it and it might have some info you need. But make sure when you do buy a trimmer that your not just buying a regular beard trimmer, it has to be one with adjustable settings. Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Best Beard Trimmer for the job?

    I put all my trust in Braun when it comes to shaving & trimming. I do not have a beard and I shave with the best Braun Shaver in the market, the Series 7 Pulsonic Shaver. My father does have a beard and he trims it with Braun Cruzer 6 Beard & Head Trimmer.

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    Default Re: Best Beard Trimmer for the job?

    There are several good beard trimmers out there but the key to finding the right one for you is understanding what is important to look for when shopping for a trimmer. Check out for some good info and recommmended trimmers...

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    Default Re: Best Beard Trimmer for the job?

    go to a barber. see what he is using. if you're looking for quality, then that's what you want.

    i use and recommend moser, they are solid no-nonsense machines, and they cut very well. it's just a very good example of a machine that will cut it in a professional environment, because it's made to do the job. you don't pay for unnecessary plastic 'fancy' pieces that will break, nonsense electronics that will break, and so on. maintain it well, which is made easy, and it can last you for decades (you will need to replace the battery after some years.)

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    Default Re: Best Beard Trimmer for the job?

    I currently use this - - with the guard off I get a real close stubble shave, it is also nice smooth and quiet.

    Previously I got a good 3yrs out of - - maybe not a close as the babyliss, but a great workhorse and half the price.

    used them both on my body hair without major incident...!

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    Default Re: Best Beard Trimmer for the job?

    I agree with WillC. I think Remington is a good brand. It has 3 attachments which pretty much fits most if not all beard/mustache styles. The model I recommend is the Remington MB4040. There are a few other quality brands such as Braun, Panasonic, and Philips.

    Read the reviews for the different beard shavers:

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    Default Re: Best Beard Trimmer for the job?

    I like Norelco Perfect Stubble Trimmer

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