Hello everyone,

I am new to the forums and in general a newer enthusiast too fragrance. I've always subscribe to the belief that a fragrance does not have a gender and you should be able to wear what you feel comfortable with. over the last several months I have tested a fair amount of fragrances and purchased some that I like. many of these fragrances have been women's perfume. I also found many clones that I like. I am in search of other fragrance that could be similar or that anyone would recommend. I am a gay man in his late twenties that enjoys unique scents. in general I don't enjoy extremely masculine woody scents. I also tend to not enjoy extreme citrus scents. Below is a list of my last five fragrance purchases.

Tom Ford Black Orchid
Tom Ford Violet Blonde
Hanae Mori HM
Theirry Muglier Alien
Versace pour homme

thank you for your input.