Hi , there .

Im trying to understand why HWR is not considered a great perfum to the level of terre , or grey vetiver.
theres no equal on market that have a Woody like encre but with the soft sweetness of the violet ( IF theres one, tell me please).
Many Will tell sycomore, BUT to me sycomore although it is softer than encre , it is still a very dark and Black tie suit perfum that cannot be used on summer.
Most of all vetiver based perfum is balanced with citrus , wich is one of the things that make me fall in Love with HWR, which is more flower with no citrus .

I m aware of the weak sillage and longevity on HWR, but IF we desconsider this aspect., why it is sôo underated? Is there other perfum that is on the line of encre with a gentle violet and more versátil with no citrus that can make me put the HWR aside?