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    Default Vol de Nuit (tailles)

    Could someone specify wether today Guerlain sells Vol de Nuit extrait other than in 30 ml bottles? Do larger bottles exist now? (even if they were sold only in Paris)

    I've been wearing this fragrance almost exclusively for over three years and I feel like it's time to get a larger bottle for life, since as we've learned already from experience the formulations aren't likely to get better with time.

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    Default Re: Vol de Nuit (tailles)

    Guerlain do special orders for larger quantities of extraits.
    Earlier this year, I, together with another Basenoter, participated in a split of 1000mL of Jicky extrait.
    Perhaps contact Guerlain Paris for prices.

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    Default Re: Vol de Nuit (tailles)

    I think the smallest 'large quantity size' is 250 ml (white bee bottle).

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    Default Re: Vol de Nuit (tailles)

    There is an option "customize your bottle" on Guerlain site available. One bootle looks like Jicky - the other one is Bee Bottle. But their sizes are not clear and Vol de Nuit is not available for this option

    Larimar - are all pure perfumes sold in 250 ml bee bottle sprays in Paris ?

    thank you for your replies!

    - - - Updated - - -

    I wonder in what size this custom atomizer bottle can be done

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    Default Re: Vol de Nuit (tailles)

    Dudette, no, the white bee bottle (google for an image) is splash and not the fancy bulb atomizer bottle pictured above. The latter costs a lot of money (not for the perfume) plus these bulb atomizers are crap. You should call Guerlain Paris, Champs Elysees. If interested, you can PM me and I provide you with contact details.

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