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    Default Re: Chanel Bleu - Thoughts

    I had a bottle which I used over the summer. Solid, bland, unremarkable. I couldn't muster up a strong opinion on it. Females really seemed to like it on me though. (I wish they liked the fragrances I like as much as this!)

    Not a massive fan, but if you like it lots and your wife loves it - no brainer. Done deal.

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    Default Re: Chanel Bleu - Thoughts

    Well, I tend to mostly prefer old-fashioned fragrances and powerhouses of the past, and I really don't have much time for the masses of indistinguishable "fresh", "light", "aquatic", "sport" fragrances (or whatever you want to call them) which have been with us since the nineties - I'm very much of the "if you smell one, you've smelled them all" thought.

    But the one modern fresh fragrance I really do like is Bleu de Chanel. To me it does seem to be different from the crowd, and smells like someone has spent a bit of time getting the blend right. I don't have any, but my brother-in-law does and I occasionally use his (just like he uses my Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum, curse him )
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    Default Re: Chanel Bleu - Thoughts

    I like it enough to where I would purchase a bottle for the right price. To be honest, next to Boss Bottled, Bleu would probably be one of my most used fragrances.
    Ignore all of the "it's generic" comments. Yes, it does fall under the same vein as many other fragrance. However, it doesn't smell like anything I have ever tried.

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    Default Re: Chanel Bleu - Thoughts

    A nice, pleasant scent. Wear it if you like it and enjoy it.

    To me, it is now too common to be a statement-maker.

    If you are looking for "unique," look elsewhere. This one is very popular that seemingly everyone wears it, and Spicebomb is going the same way.
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    Default Re: Chanel Bleu - Thoughts

    Thanks everyone for the feedback. I've decided to ask for it for Christmas. My wife hasn't smelled it yet, but I believe she'll like it. I personally think it's a great scent with the perfect amount of longevity/silliage.

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    Default Re: Chanel Bleu - Thoughts

    I am sure you and everyone around you will enjoy this scent. I enjoy this over many of my other fragrances and as beautiful as the opening is the drydown is even more special with a creamy incense with vetiver lurking in the background. Projection is excellent and longetivity for me is more than I can ask for with easy 12+ hours. This scent in no way is an aquatic just some citrus grapefruit in the begining I would say more of a citrus woody.

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    Default Re: Chanel Bleu - Thoughts

    This is one balanced fragrance. Scent, sillage, and longevity. It shifts effortlessly between its notes revealing distinct layers. Aquatic to woods.

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    Default Re: Chanel Bleu - Thoughts

    Grand juice!
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    Default Re: Chanel Bleu - Thoughts

    In spite of the hype, the often excessive popularity, this scent is actually objectively good and definitely high quality, a contemporary fragrance with above average versatility.

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    Default Re: Chanel Bleu - Thoughts

    I agree with Ken_Russell, but would like to add the follow caveats:

    First off, it is safe. I cannot find something in the composition that challenges me or that makes it strikingly unique. Second, it is not a scent I have, had or plan on owning (only sampled on a few occasions) perspective is that it is a scent to wear for others, not yourself (if you are truly and deeply into fragrance). It is what one would wear on a "day-off" from wearing their more "serious juice" - but make sure they feel confident on the way out the door, knowing it is pleasing to other people's noses and is not a bad scent. However, I can get that with SO many fresh scents - I don't really consider Chanel Bleu to be worthwhile. Sorry.

    It is definitely over-hyped and excessively popular - no doubt. But, who wants to smell like everyone else?



    Quote Originally Posted by Ken_Russell View Post
    In spite of the hype, the often excessive popularity, this scent is actually objectively good and definitely high quality, a contemporary fragrance with above average versatility.
    - - - Updated - - -

    Sorry change1 -

    I don't mean to sound insulting - but to compare Bleu de Chanel to Guerlan Derby (or Guerlain ANYTHING), Vintage M7...or Van Gogh's art is ludicrous. It's actually funny for a moment (even laughable), but in reality, is rather insulting.

    A safe, mainstream synthetic fragrance that smells decent cannot be compared to those classic bottles of olfactory art and definitely not the genius work of Van Gogh.

    It could have never existed or be gone tomorrow and world of fragrance would never have known or cared. The ONLY people who care are the people at Chanel who are making a fortune on a very mediocre composition.

    I don't have disdain for Bleu de Chanel - however, it never has and never will be in my collection.

    Again, please do not take this as a personal attack...but I had to say something that preserves the integrity of what truly amazing bottles and the work of a man who painted some of the most revelatory works of art in the history of our existence.

    If you can honestly say that in a time capsule (with the Mayan prophecy of 12/21/12 upon us - I will go there), you would put your bottle of Bleu de Chanel next to a bottle of Guerlain Derby and throw in "Starry Night" so it would define ART on various levels...I can only imagine the confusion it would create for the next intelligent beings who discovered it. Cavemen would wonder, man.



    Quote Originally Posted by change1 View Post
    If Chanel discontinueed BDC, it would end up being like derby, vintage m7, etc.... kind of like a van gogh art.... no one appreciated van gogh until he was gone....
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    Default Re: Chanel Bleu - Thoughts

    Bleu is clearly an excellent scent. I'd find it silly to suggest otherwise.

    There will always be a certain amount of snobbery when it comes to popularity, with those who think their taste is too superior to enjoy anything the masses would enjoy. The same people who today ask "Why isn't Scent X more popular?" would be the first to thumb their noses at Scent X next year if it becomes a smash success. It's true with perfume. It's true with music. It's true with any form of art. If Bleu had stayed under the radar, it would get more love here. So would Acqua Di Gio.

    Bleu smells nothing like AdG, but it will have the same drawback: if you want to smell unique, Bleu isn't a good choice. It is a monster success for Chanel, and it's going to be in millions of mens' wardrobes next year. Chanel is advertising it very heavily on TV, with good reason. If a guy is getting a bottle of "cologne" for Christmas this year, odds are insanely high that he (and every other guy) is getting a bottle of Bleu.

    If you want to fit in rather than stand out, buy Bleu. I don't mean that as an insult. It's just that Bleu is going to be ubiquitous.

    Bleu is already a top seller, and it's sales are growing, growing, growing.
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    Default Re: Chanel Bleu - Thoughts

    While i understand what my above compadre is trying to say regarding the 'stand out' part by buying something different as others clamour to buy this. I would have to disagree somewhat. If this scent works on your skin and you really do like it, you should buy it, but understand that sometimes smelling the same scent all over the place could take the 'shine' off the scent if your not prepared to temper expectations on how many panties/compliments you want to get.

    You should wear a scent because you love how it smells and makes you feel when wearing it. How it sets another facet into the ambience you've just tried to create for that day to go on that date, or maybe just enjoy a formal event etc. I hope to buy this one to add to my collection sometime down the line when i see offers on. Chanel are one of those hard fragrances to get a bigger drop on, but i'll wait it out till i see a drop. I buy all my fragrances at a good discount, and will do the same for this and the other Chanels many applaud on here

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    Default Re: Chanel Bleu - Thoughts

    I too have aventus (my signature scent at the moment) and picked up chanel bleu. It is quite nice. The only thing is that too many people have this and i will presume that even more people will get it, so you run into a high chance of someone else smelling the same as you. (5 other people bought it when i got mine...) I'm not actually sure if i'd be wearing this simply because of that. Although i'm testing a mixture of bleu and no5 premiere to create something more unique. it mixes with creed silver mountain water well too, so that's my solution for now.

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    Default Re: Chanel Bleu - Thoughts

    I love bleu de chanel. Got me a 3.4 oz beast

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    Default Re: Chanel Bleu - Thoughts

    Yeah, it's a good one. Nice scent, which couldn't possibly offend anyone. On the contrary, just about everyone around me seems to like it. Got it as a gift from my older daughter, who hates most colognes/perfumes. But she likes this one.

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    Default Re: Chanel Bleu - Thoughts

    Bleu de Chanel is an evolutionary upgrade further along the well trodden path out of the chemists front door and over the back of perfume classics such as Azzaro Chrome, Fierce for Men, Versace pour Homme and Versace Eau Fraiche. Versace is a big name designer and they went all synthetic to the "dark side" of fragrances and were not crucified for it. Leave Chanel alone. Bleu is good. I think we traditionalists might have expected Chanel to take the "road less traveled by" and stay with more "real" materials or even go post modern by making new real out of the abstract. But, after all what does "real" or "natural" mean anymore in fragrance composition?? Chanel's result is a very good mainstream fragrance - Bleu - it will not offend anyone and doesn't tread outside the lines of convention and again it smells good. It smells clean and refreshing in the same way that finer laundry detergents, glass cleaner or bottled hand soaps improve the smell of the surface of our world. Bleu is right in step with the pace of modern styling. It is presented in an attractive bottle as well. I always smell better when spraying from a bottle so blue and well crafted. In fact I smell better just looking at the bottle, I think.

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    Default Re: Chanel Bleu - Thoughts

    Chemical. Harsh. Cheap.
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    Default Re: Chanel Bleu - Thoughts

    In most aspects I'd have to agree.

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    Default Re: Chanel Bleu - Thoughts

    Gents, my wife got me the bottle for Christmas and I absolutely love the stuff. I don't care what others say about it, Bleu is a solid fragrance that you can easily wear anytime and in any situation. Will always be in my collection.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Gents, my wife got me the bottle for Christmas and I absolutely love the stuff. I don't care what others say about it, Bleu is a solid fragrance that you can easily wear anytime and in any situation. Will always be in my collection.

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    Default Re: Chanel Bleu - Thoughts

    I think it's similar to the reformulated dior homme sport, dior homme is a little more creamy and less sharp

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    Default Re: Chanel Bleu - Thoughts

    Its a clean, safe fragrance. But I have noticed this past week on me anyways that it has become to smell "per fumy" My Gf and a few family member's asked if I was wearing woman's perfume...I dont think I will be wearing this any longer.

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    Default Re: Chanel Bleu - Thoughts

    Dear Chanel: please issue a bar soap version.

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    Default Re: Chanel Bleu - Thoughts

    Quote Originally Posted by whitelight View Post
    at first, i thought it was very average. then, i gave it a full wearing and i liked it a lot. longevity wasn't great on my skin (5-6 hrs) though. will definitely wear it a few more times before deciding whether to buy it.
    +1. Didn't care for it at first, but it has grown on me. It has a lovely drydown. It has become a bestseller from Chanel, so there is a lot of love for it out there. My next purchase!

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    Default Re: Chanel Bleu - Thoughts

    I have a spray sample of BdC, but I dismissed it after spraying it once. I thought it smelled too common, but not bad. I'll have to give it a full wearing and see how it pans out.

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    Default Re: Chanel Bleu - Thoughts

    Its a nice safe scent, women love it BUT I concur with Eric its not in the same level as those fragrances he mentioned.
    The ocean accord/ calone gives it a generic vibe at times and AF Fierce incorporates that same molecule, as do many many low end fragrances.

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