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    Default Gucci Pour Homme 2

    Is this Fragrance Discontinued ?
    If so what is the proof ?

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    Default Re: Gucci Pour Homme 2

    still available for purchase on the gucci website.

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    Default Re: Gucci Pour Homme 2

    Yup, just picked up a 3.3 ounce bottle. Beautiful bottle, lovely juice. However I have heard rumors that it has been discontinued and Noticed that at my local sephora they are no longer carrying the 50 ml and have not been getting shipments of the 100 ml. Also I have seen it mentions in other place online
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    Default Re: Gucci Pour Homme 2

    No one seems to be sure - there is a lot of speculation that it has been discontinued (so I bought 2 bottles a few months back), but it seems to be still available - but it may be that they are still just getting rid of their inventory.

    So, that question has been asked dozens of times, but really no one seems sure yet. I would err on the side of caution and grab a spare if you like it a lot...
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    Default Re: Gucci Pour Homme 2

    Probably a wise choice. I have just emailed Gucci customer service with this question.

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    Default Re: Gucci Pour Homme 2

    i dont see why, its one of the best scents a sephora would have to offer. I dont understand!!!

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    Default Re: Gucci Pour Homme 2

    Can still be found every now and then on online retail sites.

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    Default Re: Gucci Pour Homme 2

    Probably only discontinued in some regions. Haven't seen it in Denmark for a long time. Got the last 100mL bottle at my local store, when I discovered the fragrance. Nice scent and a pity if it ends up disco'ed definitely like GPH (2003). Was sad to find that GPH was discontinued, especially because that even though the stores had testers of it, but no stock, they would not even let me buy a tester... They probably ended up being thrown out.
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    Default Re: Gucci Pour Homme 2

    This seems to be a point of great confusion. It disappeared for a little while on the Gucci website as well as not having been available at retailers either altogether or in the smaller bottle. I did, in fact , ask an SA at my local Von Maur that is always well informed about this very topic a few months ago. At that time they didn't have any in stock but she said she expected more in but had heard from some industry sources that it would be discontinued. Well, months later they do have the 100ml bottles again and have heard nothing further about any talk of discontinuation in the near future.

    Stay tuned, this will probably be the subject of many rumors for some time to come.
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    Default Re: Gucci Pour Homme 2

    Currently available at Cheapsmells, probably not for long:

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    Default Re: Gucci Pour Homme 2

    Can be found in few online stores in my country but not in Sephora or other parfume stores.

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    Can be found in few online stores in my country but not in Sephora or other parfume stores.

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    Default Re: Gucci Pour Homme 2

    still in stock around me. just bought it from sephora in US.

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    Default Re: Gucci Pour Homme 2

    I hoarded it for these rumours, it seems they are ending up residues here in Italy (some chains don't stock it anymore!), also read somewhere here there should be an essence version taking place around february 2013!
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    Default Re: Gucci Pour Homme 2

    This is so bizarre. GphII disappears from stores and then it reappears months later. When it showed up again at my local Nordstrom, even the SA was surprised to see it there. I called Gucci a few months ago and was told they'd discontinued it and that they were selling through their remaining stock. They said it would be removed from their website last, just as Gucci Pour Homme (2003) had this summer. And yet, months later, it's still being sold. I even spotted it again at Sephora. So strange.

    Regardless, I picked up a backup bottle and I'm glad I did. Looking at the code underneath my bottle, it says it was made in January 2012. I wonder if there's a newer batch than that? If we start seeing a 2013 batch next year, that sure would indicate it hasn't been discontinued.
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    Default Re: Gucci Pour Homme 2

    Not yet. It's still here (U.S.)

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