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Thread: Fahrenheit 32

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    Default Fahrenheit 32

    Do you think it would be wise to wear this scent to work or is it too loud ?
    I work in a standard laboratory/office enviroment

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    Default Re: Fahrenheit 32

    Satisfactory as long as you're not overindulgent. Go for it!

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    Default Re: Fahrenheit 32

    It's kinda loud, just go light on the trigger.
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    Default Re: Fahrenheit 32

    I wouldn't wear it anywhere at any time.

    But if you are going to spray it, please, for the sake of everyone around you, no more than 2 sprays.

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    Default Re: Fahrenheit 32

    I really find Fahrenheit 32 kind of disgusting. I am not sure if it is the orange blossom note that smells like curdled milk on my skin. This one has to be one of my least favorites. Just plain gross.
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    Default Re: Fahrenheit 32

    It's fine for work IMO.

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    Default Re: Fahrenheit 32

    It'll be fine, but light on the trigger is the key with this one. One of the few scents that my skin doesn't castrate. It projects like crazy with massive sillage, and that with only 3-4 sprays!
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    Default Re: Fahrenheit 32

    I'm not personally a fan of this stuff, but if you decide to wear it take the advice here and wear just a small amount,
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    Default Re: Fahrenheit 32

    Good scent for office/work but keep caution not to overapply, good longevity and projection...

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    Default Re: Fahrenheit 32

    It is kind of loud , but why not , this one is not vulgar as some ( one million ... etc )

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    Default Re: Fahrenheit 32

    i tried and i tried and i tried to like it. No result. Sold it.

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    Default Re: Fahrenheit 32

    I liked it at first then disliked it, it's a middle of the road fragrance for me. It also made me sneeze the second time I sampled it. But I chose to take a unopened bottle that I had purchased back.

    I think one spray to the chest will do fine with this one, anything more and you're asking to be smelled.

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