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    I purchased 212 men from my local sephora. They said it was the original, it smells like the original, but it says 212 men nyc on the box. I dont see the nyc part on any images or videos. The bottle looks the name too. Is this some weird addition, or reformulation, or just the original?
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    There are a few that say NYC on the box. I doubt they reformulated it but I could be wrong.

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    But there are also flankers in that search

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    mine says nyc, dont worry you have the original

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    Yep that's the original. There are two flankers as far as I'm aware, 212 Sexy Men and 212 Ice [or something like that].

    Absolutely love 212 Men! I think it gets bad press due to it being very common in certain parts of the world. However in England, I very rarely smell this on anyone. In fact, I've smelt this only once. I think considering been out for over 12 years a lot of the normal, casual fragrance wearers have moved on to to the next big thing.

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    I love 212 men also. I'm just a bit paranoid Crazy longevity and silage! It really creates imagery because of the amazing smell .

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