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    Default My new favorite "Summer Fragrance"

    Is Bond No.9 Coney Island. This fragrance opens up with a sweet Lime/ margarita scent. A very unique twist to the over done "Citrus" summer fragrances. A very distinguished opening, then about 10 to 15 mins into the dry down it almost becomes a gourmand vibe, with a chocolate and creamy caramel perfectly blended together in mid dry down harmony. After and hour or two it has the base notes of sandalwood and Cinnamon that lingers for the rest of its duration. This a very unique fragrance mixed well with aquatic notes, and gourmand. This has been my go to bottle in the summer. Highly recommend this fragrance by the house of Bond no.9 !

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    Default Re: My new favorite "Summer Fragrance"

    Your enthusiasm for the scent above is akin to the way I feel about Morabito's Yachting when I wear it, except that I don't relegate to being only a summer scent.

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    Default Re: My new favorite "Summer Fragrance"

    I will have to check that out

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