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    Angry re-formulated Miss Dior

    I was dreading sniffing the re-formulated Miss Dior for the first time. I am 64 and have worn it almost exclusively since my early 20s.

    Well I was not disappointed. It's totally disgusting on me. It smells like pink bubble gum - perhaps that's why they've coloured it pink! Also reminds me of the smells you get at the dentist.

    Preferred the more tasteful black dog's tooth packaging too!

    I really don't know what I am to do. What perfume am I to wear now. I have a Nino Cerruti Image for Women which is similar to Miss Dior but no-where near as good. Just OK for shopping in the supermarket.

    The only other perfume I've ever taken to is Clive Christian 1872 Women but I'm not about to pay that money!

    I really am fed up and just smelling of Badedas bath foam!!

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    Default Re: re-formulated Miss Dior

    As you have found out, Miss Dior has not been reformulated, but killed. Simply, what you're smelling now is the commercially successful fruity-floral Miss Dior Cherie, which has been simply renamed Miss Dior.

    Chypres are now nearly extinct, but still, I feel there's enough green stuff around that you may still find something worthy. How's your feeling about the old workhorses of Chanel, Cristalle and No 19? And about the recently reintroduced Jacomo Silences? I was also going to say Ormonde Jayne Tiare, but that is very expensive.


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    Default Re: re-formulated Miss Dior

    May I suggest Vol de Nuit in parfum, since I heard that Katherine Hepburn two favorites were exctly those two: Vol de Nuit and Miss Dior.

    Another great one to consider Chanel N19. And Hermes Caleche is still great I think.

    - - - Updated - - -

    By the way Miss Dior is still available in eau de toilette, but now it is called Miss Dior Original as opposed to Miss Dior Eau de Parfum you apparently bought. (Thanks for the confusion, Dior!)

    You might want to try the Miss Dior Eau de Toilette Original - it should be much closer to the thing you wore than this "pink" bubblegumy version you accidentally bought.

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    Default Re: re-formulated Miss Dior

    Thanks so much cacio and Dudette. I shall find a perfume shop and have a sniff of your suggestions. I wonder if the "original" will be the same as that I bought 2 yrs ago which seemed the same as ever to me. Appreciate your suggestions.

    I do understand changing tastes, marketing etc but I do wish they would not change in this way.

    I never understood why they called the new one Miss Dior Cherie. it gives the impression there is a realtionship between the two but to my nose they are miles apart and share nothing!

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    Default Re: re-formulated Miss Dior

    annem, at least it should be the closest thing available at the Dior counter, I guess! Good luck with it! And please tell us if it really would remind you of your beloved Miss Dior from the past!

    Here is the picture from the Dior site of what it looks like today

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    Default Re: re-formulated Miss Dior

    I bought a bottle of Miss Dior Originale less than a month ago, and I like it very much. (Though I'm ashamed to have given LVMH my money.) I suspect that it's probably a pale imitation of the true original, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's similar to, or the same as, what you bought two years ago.

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    Default Re: re-formulated Miss Dior

    Thanks chick - I'll definitely get to a store for a try if I can. I live in Spain but am visiting my daughter in the UK for Christmas.

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    Default Re: re-formulated Miss Dior

    Miss Dior (the original) is such a wonderful fragrance and I cannot understand why this confusion has been deliberately organised. Not only is it a perfect example of a Chypre, I think it is important historically. Miss Dior was launched in 1947, the same year that Christian Dior showed the collection that came to be known as "The New Look". You could say that Miss Dior is the fragrant symbol of theNew Look. The New Look came to be the look of the 50s. I say it is important historically because it is part of the change that women were persuaded to go through after the War. During World War 2 whilst all the men were away fighting, the women were encouraged to go out to work, and do the jobs that the men couldn't do. There was "Rosy the Riveter" in America, and "Dig for Victory" in the UK. Women were allowed to work as hard as men, and of course dressed accordingly. After the war, there was a great need to get the men back to work, and so women were encouraged to go back home to become housewives, and to become more "feminine". The New Look symbolised this, and Mis Dior was its perfume.

    All of this will be lost by the deliberate confusion caused by LVMH; and all because we really need another sticky pink fruity floral.

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    Default Re: re-formulated Miss Dior

    There is yet another formulation: Miss Dior Le Parfum. This fragrance is different from the Miss Dior Eau de Parfum, and all of the MD Cheries. It is not a chypre, nor is it a fruity-floral mess as are the EDP and the Cheries (IMHO). Instead, Le Parfum, is a very rich, orange/amber/vanilla fragrance. While it has fruit and floral notes, this is octaves lower than its cousins, and much more about the basenotes. It starts out almost gourmand, and bright, and settles into a warm, spicy skin scent. Notes: mandarin, rose, patchouli, amber and vanilla.

    I'm fascinated to see the Miss Dior EDT Origanale! Never knew it existed, and look forward to trying it.
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