I was dreading sniffing the re-formulated Miss Dior for the first time. I am 64 and have worn it almost exclusively since my early 20s.

Well I was not disappointed. It's totally disgusting on me. It smells like pink bubble gum - perhaps that's why they've coloured it pink! Also reminds me of the smells you get at the dentist.

Preferred the more tasteful black dog's tooth packaging too!

I really don't know what I am to do. What perfume am I to wear now. I have a Nino Cerruti Image for Women which is similar to Miss Dior but no-where near as good. Just OK for shopping in the supermarket.

The only other perfume I've ever taken to is Clive Christian 1872 Women but I'm not about to pay that money!

I really am fed up and just smelling of Badedas bath foam!!