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    Default Cristalle versus Eau de Cologne

    In your opinion how those two would compare in terms of longevity and quality of materials

    Cristalle eau de toilette or Eau de Cologne both from Chanel

    I own and love Cristalle and I often try Eau de Cologne at the store - but in the store my nose is often fatigued and I can't really say whether it's full bottle worthy when 100 ml bottle of Cristalle can be bought at half the price of 75 ml Cologne and it's the same refreshing sharp citrus spring - summer scent category.

    So would you justify a bottle of Cologne at the price of two and a half bottles of Cristalle?

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    Default Re: Cristalle versus Eau de Cologne

    Wore Cristalle for years, currently own a bottle of the Chanel Eau de Cologne from the Exclusifs range.

    The Eau de Cologne is a much drier, much simpler scent than Cristalle. Cristalle has an overall dewiness, way more green notes, and a lot more happens as the top notes dry off. I do love the Eau de Cologne, though, and consider it an exemplar of its type. The lemon in it seems to combine both the peel and the juice and is absolutely laser-like in its briskness. Wish it came in a splash bottle so I could do it justice.

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    Default Re: Cristalle versus Eau de Cologne

    The EdC is just that, refreshing, short lasting pick me up whereas IMHO Cristalle is a true fragrance even in Edt. Different beasts

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    Default Re: Cristalle versus Eau de Cologne

    As the others were saying, they are different animals. The edc is a true eau de cologne recipe, an exciting, zingy freshener based on neroli (but with a green note that makes it even fresher). As an edc, it doesn't last long. Cristalle is a proper perfume, based on green galbanum, and with a real drydown that gets more mossy.

    I love the edc and use it extensively. But it is not a substitute for cristalle. It is an (expensive) freshener. Cristalle is a real perfume that lasts, but as it goes, it's not the zingy freshener of the eau de cologne. If you are afraid of the cost, a favorite eau de cologne recipe, perhaps not as great as the Chanel but vastly cheaper, is the classic 4711, which however is prominently neroli and has little or no green.


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    Default Re: Cristalle versus Eau de Cologne

    In terms of longevity, Cristalle wins. As stated above, the Eau de Cologne is a "refreshing pick me up" (I really liked that!)
    However, I really love the Eau de Cologne. I would not mind getting a big bottle for Christmas (hint, hint).
    I love Cristalle too!

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