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    Default Samples revisited.

    So I was contemplating my SOTD, when I decided, I think I'll go to the ole' drawer and see what samples I have. I have my drawers in 3 sections for samples. The duds, the goods (designer), and the goods (niche). Today.. I went for the duds, seeking one dud in particular.. Armani Diamonds.

    It just gets so much love for those who have worn it, but to me, just smells putrid. Well.. I put some Diamonds on from my Sephora sample. And still.. it smells guh-rosss. I apply a few more samples of other juices to my arms. Next up was Paul Smith Extreme, a house that I adore, with a fragrance I cannot stand. Yup, nothing has changed here.. Smells like Samba Heat, which I despise too. In a nutshell.. smells like tea and diarrhea. I scrub it off.. I find a fragrance sample that I didn't even realize I still had. Caron pour un Homme. A fragrance I wanna love! Bang for your buck here, and quality, however, the cheap musky undertones ruin it for me. The spiced apple and lavender opening is great, a little vanilla creeping through under it. Total signature scent material. Then this waxy like musk starts coming through, and it's just horrible. Moving along.. I find 2 L'Artisan samples. First, Traverse du Bosphore. Wow, where do I begin.. this stuff is all over the place.. at opening it just smells like Play Dough, by mid notes, it smells like a faint rose mixed with bubble bath and honey.. I can't seem to grasp this one. Finally, Navegar. A very intriguing opening.. I get like this super crunchy peanut butter.. lots of it! It's amazing how identical it smells to peanuts.. yet I question myself "why do I smell like peanuts?" Strangely, it morphs into a whole other fragrance, fresh and very natural smelling lemon with some faint woodsy notes behind it. I do enjoy it, but it's very mute, and not something I really wanna smell like.

    I forgot what I was wearing, when I come back to a faint cedar and cocoa fragrance on my left hand, I realized it was Diamonds. Smells good now! But, ever so common. I could just wear my Tommy Bahama instead.

    So.. 5 samples revisited today, and no winners. Nothing really makes me wanna give any of these the benefit of the doubt again. None bottle worthy.

    PS Extreme: Horrible, and a scrubber.
    Traverse du Bosphore: Too confusing, and not something I wanna smell like. But, I do think the dry down has some potential.
    Navegar: Very intriguing, but lacks in projection. Think lemon, but think Meyer lemons, they are less zesty, with more of an orange smell to them. The peanut brittle opening is unique too.
    Armani Diamonds: Boring, cheap smelling. Common dry down. Do not get the strawberry note that people rave about, and the cocoa is extremely faint. Mostly Iso E in the dry down, or maybe cedar wood.. very common.
    Caron pour un Homme: "I want to like this". Ya ever smell a fragrance and say.. "damn that's good".. then ya go back in to sniff it again.. ya sniff a little harder.. and ya pick up on something that ya didn't get before. That would be the dirty and cheap musk in this one. But if I sniff it out lightly, I don't get it too bad, because the top notes seem to maintain their power throughout the fragrance.

    So, if I had to pick any as potentially bottle worthy, I would pick none. I will share my samples revisited next time I do this, and I encourage you all do the same, as well as comment on what you think about these, if you've had any experiences with them!
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    My Ultimate Top 5:

    Fahrenheit (1988)
    Le Vetiver Itasca (2010)
    Arpege pour Homme (2005)

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    Default Re: Samples revisited.

    Actually own and love all 5 that you don't.

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    Default Re: Samples revisited.

    I think my track record at the moment is liking about 1 in 30 fragrances I smell enough to get a bottle.

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    Default Re: Samples revisited.

    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    Actually own and love all 5 that you don't.
    You own everything..
    My Ultimate Top 5:

    Fahrenheit (1988)
    Le Vetiver Itasca (2010)
    Arpege pour Homme (2005)

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    Default Re: Samples revisited.

    Vintage CPuH is actually good though ! LOL.

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