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    Default Pure Poison: Is it the perfume or my nose?

    So, a bit of a strange question. Out of all the fragrances I've tried, Dior Pure Poison is the most elusive. The longer I wear something, the better I get at distinguishing all the individual notes. But I can't figure this one out. The first time I wore it, I got nothing but jasmine, GARDENIA! [emphasis added], and amber. The next half-dozen of times, I got a hairspray opening (which I love) followed by a lovely white floral down to a soft amber-ish base. Then recently: hairspray plus... soap. That's it. Soap. Where did my white flowers go?

    Do you think it's my nose, or does it have something to do with the fact I'm sampling out of a vial (not a spray vial) and it's gotten oxygenated/contaminated? It makes me a little nervous because based on those lovely intermediate wearings, I ordered a full bottle. If I want to smell like soap, there are a lot of cheaper ways to achieve that effect! And it's only this particular fragrance that's thrown me for a loop.

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    Default Re: Pure Poison: Is it the perfume or my nose?

    Not sure if I am getting this right but did you sniff out of the same vial all of these times and then the bottle you ordered smelled differently or? Or was it just different experiences with sniffing PP from the same vial?

    If it's the prior, I believe there are two formulations of this due to my own experience with PP and the difference with the bottles. If you tried the white bottle with the white cap..I believe that's the one with more gardenia. The one that's out now-I think- is a white bottle with a dark purple cap and I got less gardenia from it and more jasmine. I actually smelled the later first and kinda liked it..then ordered a white bottle with white cap and I got more gardenia from it and returned it. Did the one you try recently come from a bottle with a dark purple cap? Sometimes when there is a bottle or package change, that can mean reformulation from what I have heard.

    So to clarify I got more gardenia from this bottle, which I believe is an older formulation:

    And I got less gardenia from this one, the bottle it currently is sold in:

    Not sure if that's the case but they smelled different to me, I think.
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    Default Re: Pure Poison: Is it the perfume or my nose?

    I am glad this question was asked because I didn't know there had been a reformulation.
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    Default Re: Pure Poison: Is it the perfume or my nose?

    I'm fairly certain the bottle I tried was the first (more gardenia) and I BELIEVE the one I ordered is the first one too. I bought it from Fragrancenet, and I think you generally get older batches from them.

    I'm wondering if the issue might be one of temperature, since I've gotten varying results from the same decant (and hence I don't know which bottle it came from). All the times I got lots of white flowers, it's been relatively warm. Since the weather turned wintery (30-40 degrees daytime high), I get mostly hairspray and soap and then a nice amber drydown.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Bummer. It was the second bottle (the dark purple cap) that arrived today, and there is appreciably less gardenia than the sample I sprayed in the store. However, it does smell more like I remember the first couple times I sampled it from the vial (different source). At least part of the mystery has been solved. I probably accidentally contaminated the sample.

    Gonna have to go easy on the trigger with this one, though. Wow.

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