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    Default 100% Love Perfume

    Smells so similar to raspberry-flavored Emergen-C (the immune-bolstering beverage, not the accident ward [although the latter may be necessary after smelling 100% Love]). In other words: no thanks.

    What are your thoughts on this one?

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    Default Re: 100% Love Perfume

    Sophia Grojsman's 2003 creation for S-Perfume, 100% Love, that are olfactory Rohrshach tests and each person who experiences this scent will get something different from it. What I get at the top is an intense fruity accord which according to the note list should be a mix of cranberry and blueberry. On me it smells closer to cherry, the cherry smell of sno-cone syrup. Very sweet and treading right up to the edge of my sweet tolerability but not stepping over. The fruit stays firmly in place and it is joined by rose and chocolate. Both notes come in, in equal intensity with the fruity beginning, and you get what for some people will come off as a fruity,floral, gourmand chemical spill but on me instead combines into something that seems almost too sweet but its not, something too floral but its not, and something too rich but its not. Somehow Ms. Grojsman pushes right to the edge with all three notes and together they create an accord that works brilliantly on me. The base is almost diasppointingly pedestrian compared to what came before as a mix of musk and vanilla end 100% Love back in common perfume territory. 100% Love is not a shy scent and carries a lot of longevity and sillage so you better like it if you're going to wear it. 100% Love is definitely not a scent that everyone will fall 100% in love with but it is a scent that is 100% creative.
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    Default Re: 100% Love Perfume

    Salty sweaty feet, chocolate and rose. If it weren't for the rose I would have liked it

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    Default Re: 100% Love Perfume

    I love it, a generous BN'er gave me a 15ml miniature of Rose Rebelle - A Lab On Fire (it's the same formula and later become 100% Love by S-Perfume)
    I agree with alfarom's description entirely, although I love the rose. It's a cloying, uncomfortable beauty - a fab perfume

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    Default Re: 100% Love Perfume

    My problem with 100% Love isn't that it's pedestrian or derivative: it clearly is neither. Based on my limited time with it, however, Love doesn't appear to pass the "does it smell good" criterion.

    I will revisit it soon.

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    Default Re: 100% Love Perfume

    I have two versions of this. The original has nearly clear juice, the reissue, 100% Love {MORE} is pink. I get a tiny bit more berry with the latter. I haven't tried the version currently being offered on LuckyScent so I don't know if it's just in a different bottle now or it's been reworked a another time.
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