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    Smile L'Artisan Parfumer body products

    Hello to all, I don't know if this has been posted but I thought it would be of interest.
    L'Aristan Parfumer has come out with body products in their four most popular lines: Fou D'Absinthe, Mur et Musc, La Chaisse aux Papillons, and Premier Figuier.
    In my favorite Fou D'Absinthe, I can get shower gel and body milk. Great for layering with the scent!
    Cheers, ody

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    Default Re: L'Artisan Parfumer body products

    I just bought Fou d'Absinthe body milk and it's amaaaazing.

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    Default Re: L'Artisan Parfumer body products

    I came across some of the Premier Figuier body milk in Winners today for super cheap (like 15 bucks for 200 mLs) but didn't buy it because I didn't know if it was any good. I'll have to stop by to pick one up. I'll try to report back.

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    Default Re: L'Artisan Parfumer body products

    I have the body cream, body oil and shower gel in Chase aux Papillons. I bought all of them at Winners. They are all lovely, but the body cream is absolutely divine!!

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    I just bought, mure et musc dry body oil and dusting powder at winners. 20$ each. L'artisan is not common where I live, but I sampled mure long ago, so figured it was a safe buy. I tried the oil so far, lovely. I saw the edt of mimosa pour moi , and l'eau d'artisan, but no mure unfortunately.
    Btw loooove dusting powder in the summer, I have a pink fluffy puff!!

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    Default Re: L'Artisan Parfumer body products

    I'm looking forward to picking up Mure et Musc dry body oil. I can't wait to add it to bath water...
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    I only rubbed it on my hands, ( yes I ripped it open in winners parkinglot) , thought it had quite a smell payoff for a body product. Imagine if I applied it on all limbs after shower the scent would be lovely. Sunk in quick, would make nice bath oil, I hope you find one.
    I Want to wait for hot weather to open the power, we will see.

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