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    Default Love / Hate: Why (thoughts on fragrant black sheep)

    This thread has a simple concept. I'll throw out some fragrances names - things that don't get talked about a lot - and you guys do so too so we can find out what other BNers think of them. Do you love it, hate it or are you ambivilent, and why? A few lines explanation could be very helpful to other members. Just to note as well I'm starting this thread to get opinions on fragrances that are generally overlooked by reviewers so please don't ask people how they feel about Aventus, Terre d'Hermes, La Nuit, Le Male, A*men, etc. There are a wealth of fantastic reviews out there for such fragrances. Otherwise feel free to forward any scent or any number of scents, masculine femenine or unisex, that you like; the more the merrier as the larger the selection the better chance that we'll find people familiar with them who want to give their thoughts.

    Also feel free to pick and choose out of those scents suggested, and give your thoughts on whichever you please, and go ahead and talk about whatever you want. Notes, bottle, idea, theme, value, compliments, anything.

    My suggestions (if anyone is interested in giving us their thoughts on them) are as follows:

    VC&A's Eau du Tsar, Lanvin's Avant Garde, Molinard Homme II, Molinard Vanille & Vanille Marine, CK One Shock for Her, Givenchy's Into the Blue, Oscar de la Renta Fresh Vanilla, Guerlain Cologne du 68, Dunhill 51.3N, Chopard's Noble Cedar, Noble Vetiver and Chopard Homme, Chloe eau de Fluers Capucine, Montana's Graphite, and Montale's Sandflowers. I don't think any of these fragrances has more than ten reviews, some none, most less than five.

    Feel free to list some of your own (and I'll comment if I've smelled 'em, or someone else can) or detail your thoughts on one of those, or anything else that gets listed.
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