Well as if there weren't enough fragrances I'm excited about seeing this year. Chloe See is right at the top of the list; can't wait to handle that bottle and see if it's as stunning as it looks, and hopefully the juice inside is worthy of it, while Lalique is coming out with something in a bottle that looks about as gorgeous as the le Parfum vapo, and with Nathalie Lorson behind it I'm as excited to see how it will smell. But how about something that isn't slated for release, which you wish was? For example Chloe doesn't have a single masculine fragrance (though I think Capucine is about as close as it gets) and I'd be very excited if they ever planned to release one, or maybe you're waiting for a solid designer knock-off of Aventus? But why stop there: imagine the release of an entire line you'd love to see, or a series of special editions, or the re-release of an old classic that doesn't tame and modernize it. Or how about a reformulation that brings a favourite closer to the vintage rather than further away? Or maybe you'd just like a certain scent to come in a bigger sized bottle.

I'm curious about just what my fellow BNers would like to see in a fantasy 2013

For my part, even if they don't change the juice, I want Givenchy to find the good sense to put Xeryus and Xeryus Rouge back in their awesome original bottles, where they belong.

I'd also love to see Chopard expand on their 'noble' series. Noble Oud would be on trend, even if I'm not much of an oud lover, or perhaps they could add some feminines to the lineup? How about Noble Incense, or Leather, now that could be fun.

Another thing I'd pay to see is Davidoff bringing back Davidoff. Even a fair reformulation would make me very happy.

Annick Goutal: EDP version of Vanille Exquise, I don't care if they double the price, I need this.

Worth: I know it's not really the house I used to love anymore, but they need to get off their butts and do something all the same. Nothing since Courtesan (which I liked!) in 2005; back on the horse! Give us a masculine this time. I'll buy it blind.

Joop: What About Adam/Eve, and Rococo Femme/Homme were too good to discontinue. Enough with the Homme flankers. Bring these back, and about Le Bain - I can't find it anymore so I figure it's been discontinued as well. Bring it back.

YSL: Cinema Pour Homme!

Kenzo: I want more 'Jungle' fragrances. All three of these were top-shelf. Let's see Jungle Pour Homme Platypus or something.

Ralph Lauren: put the damn the seaweed back in Polo Sport.

CDG: these guys need to put the cologne series in a set, and they really need to bring back burnt sugar.

Alright. They're mine. What are yours?