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    Default Amouage Majan Attar.............Wow!

    Majan is little known Amouage attar that is very rarely talked about on the internet and i feel it deserves its own thread for people to find out more on and for further discussion. What can i say.....just amazing! Wonderfully ballanced and composed with so many facets it evolves every few hours. In the begining the Bulgarian rose is in the background of vetiver, vanilla and sandalwood, which than takes on a slightly woody jasmine note. In the beginning it almost has the same sharp start as Salamah but just almost, Its a lot gentler. After an hour or so the drop unrevels to become more woodier and muskier with the rose and vetivers sharpness slightly in the background. Soon thereafter after another 3 hours ambergris reveals itself and almost smolders the sandalwood to musky woody smokiness which is radiating ever so gently from the skin. The surrounding skin seems to radiate with this creamy buttery smokiness for the next 9 hours and my nose is transfixed to my wrist. I detect that there is probably oudh and frankincense somewhere in the base background but not sure as it is not on the Amouage notes. For clarity these are the provided by the management of Amouage:

    Top Notes :- Bulgarian Rose, Vanilla and white musk

    Heart Notes: - Vetiver, Musk

    Base Notes : Pure Amber, Sandal oil

    In the first three hours sillage is powerful as par attars by Amouage however after that it stays quite close to the skin although my wife detected it from my wrist 50 centimetres or so away 9 hours later. Interms of the maths :-P....12+
    Overall thoroughly impressed with this Attar interms of complexity and its sensuality. A very sexy scent comparable to the the sensuality of Al Shomoukh. It bares no comparisson to Ayoon Al Maha as i have read in some webpages, Ayoon seemed to be drowning in roses. To me Majan beats Molook by a mile in all its qualities and is the pinnacle of an musky ambergris driven sandalwood attar.
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    Default Re: Amouage Majan Attar.............Wow!

    Thanks for the review! I smelled several attars in a store, but now I don't remember Majan. You compare it at the end with Molook. Molook to my nose is predominantly a brilliant ambergris, to my nose the rose is very subdued and I don't pick up the sandalwood. So do you mean that Majan has the radiance and muskiness of Molook but adds to it the creaminess of sandalwood?


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    Default Re: Amouage Majan Attar.............Wow!

    Cacio sorry for not being too clear :-) what i meant to say is as an ambergris based attar i prefer Majan to Molook as i find Majan more complex and better composed with more longetivity for the buck albeit the silage is rather low after few hours. Molook on me smolders for 3-4hours than just disappears :-(
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    Default Re: Amouage Majan Attar.............Wow!

    Thanks for your review, sultanpasha. Specific descriptions of Amouage attars are very difficult to find on the internet, so this is very useful.
    I haven't tried Majan yet, but I am a big fan of Amouage attars and I'm sure this one is no less than the others!
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