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    Default Oud Reminiscence for men (2012)

    The French house of Reminiscence is launching Reminiscence Oud which joins the collection "Les Classiques". Its oriental character is accentuated with spices and surrounded with the main ingredient of the composition - oud.

    Reminiscence Oud is beautifully composed. Harmonious and perfect for both sexes, Reminiscence Oud offers hot and comfortable aromas supporting the oriental rhythm. The fragrance balances between pink pepper, saffron and cardamom, providing dynamics to warm and pleasant notes of amber and chocolate patchouli. The new composition is enriched with charm of rose enhanced by intense oud and castoreum.

    Fragrance REMINISCENCE OUD arrives in dark brown color and has the same form as its antecedent with one difference. Body of the new bottle bends in the opposite direction from bottles of the entire collection. Cap is in gold color as well as stars on the front side of the bottle. The perfume aims at men and women and is available as 100ml Eau de Parfum. Oud was launched in 2012.

    Reminiscence Oud
    pepper, cardamon, saffron, rose, patchouli, amber, castoreum, oud

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    Default Re: Oud Reminiscence for men (2012)

    This company impresses me with their scent. I am really into their Patchouli fragrance it has been my fall staple this year. I have also purchased Patchouli Homme and Noir de Remenisence and like them also. This one sounds real interesting and I can wait to get my hands on it!

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    Default Re: Oud Reminiscence for men (2012)

    One of my friends said it was amazing, she tried it in their paris boutique,she said its a very masculine fragrance though it is marketed unisex. I think the combination of patchouli , oud and catoreum makes it quite masculine. This house really knows how to handle patchouli, so I am quite sure this one will be a winner after a year of flop fragrance debuts from other brands.

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    Default Re: Oud Reminiscence for men (2012)

    Looking forward to this also

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    Default Re: Oud Reminiscence for men (2012)

    Reminiscence puts out really nice fragrances. I've been pretty much impressed with the few I have sampled and hope this comes up here in tester form
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    Default Re: Oud Reminiscence for men (2012)

    I too like Reminiscence frags, especially their various patchoulis and Noir.

    Even though the market is getting close to an oud overload, an oud fragrance by Reminiscence is very welcome!

    If I have time today I might swing by our local Reminiscence dealer and see if they have it.
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    Default Re: Oud Reminiscence for men (2012)

    Has anyone tested this out??? Would appreciate your review

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    Default Re: Oud Reminiscence for men (2012)

    I've tried it just two weeks ago and it smelled like something between Montale Dark Aoud and Kilian Pure Oud with synthetic drydown.
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    Default Re: Oud Reminiscence for men (2012)

    is it worth the buy? Was it animalic?

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