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    Default selling Green Valley again?

    I received an email from saying Green Valley is again available online. I clicked the link and it did go to the Creed online website, but it said what it always says...."Temporarily out of stock". I tried calling them to ask what was going on, but only got an answering machine.

    I then called the Creed Boutique shop in NYC and spoke to Rodney. He didn't know anything about the online notification. However, he did let me know that they do have some Green Valley in stock, including a few of the very hard to find 4 oz bottles.

    So if you are one of the many who are seeking Green Valley, give them a call at 212-439-7777.

    As far as the email I received from dunno. Rodney knew nothing about it.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I was finally able to get through to Don't know what happened, but somehow they sent out mass mailings about Green Valley being available again, but in actuality, they only had ONE bottle! It sold, so it is again unavailable.

    So forget going online for your Green Valley. However, as stated above, the Creed store in NYC does have some bottles, so if you've been wanting it, now's your chance.
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    Default Re: selling Green Valley again?

    Good news for those who don't have it.

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    Default Re: selling Green Valley again?

    A valuable public service announcement, that. Thanks for sharing. Green Valley is one of my all-time top favorites. Instantly transports you to. . . well, something like a green valley. More like a sunny hillside full of wildflowers on a beautiful spring day. Great in spring and summer months, and it works like a time-trip machine, or maybe season-trip machine, in cold weather. Try it sometime on the coldest, grayest day of winter. It's like an instant sensory transport to a fragrant field of grasses and flowers, with warm sunshine beaming in all around you. So perfectly beautiful. It is stunning that this one has been withdrawn from production. It's far and away one of Creed's top-shelf best.

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    Default Re: selling Green Valley again?

    I believe beautyencounter also has a few testers of this one avaliable.
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    Default Re: selling Green Valley again?

    That's great news, hopefully they'll get more of it.

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