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    Default Next buy? Look into a "winter" scent? Love aquatic/marine smelling scents

    Ok so I'm an amateur when it comes to fragrances. Right now I kind of rotate between Nautica Blue and Acqua Di Gio. I'm 19 years old, if that means anything (aka don't wanna spend big bucks, hell Gio was kinda expensive enough)

    Was gonna try to get through my Blue and go for another fragrance. I tried Perry Ellis Aqua on at a the mall a few months ago and I liked that. A little pricey, so I was thinking I might go with Nautica Voyage...haven't smelled it but have heard great things about it, especially for the price.

    Any other good marine smelling scents? I wanna smell like an ocean haha.

    Should I look into a winter scent? Everyone says Gio is mostly a summer/spring scent, and Blue probably is too.


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    Default Re: Next buy? Look into a "winter" scent? Love aquatic/marine smelling scents

    Voyage is a great summer scent that's also inexpensive. You can't go wrong with it.

    But why not venture out and try a winter fragrance?

    The following are great winter scents that you can score on the cheap and find easily at your local mall or Sephora:

    Burberry London
    John Varvatos
    Rochas Man
    Givenchy Play Intense
    La Nuit De l'Homme (I don't like this one but everybody else seems to)

    Read about 'em. Sample them. There's bound to be one in there that you'll really enjoy.
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    Default Re: Next buy? Look into a "winter" scent? Love aquatic/marine smelling scents

    I recommend looking on eBay for the discontinued Voyageur by Jean Patou crafted by master nose Jean Kerléo. It may be his worst creation, but his worst is most folks' best... It is an aquatic scent with a fabulous real oak moss base that you won't be able to find readily. The oak moss makes the scent easier to wear in colder temperatures as it holds up structurally much better than most aquatics in the cold. Last time I checked, the 50ml new bottles were selling for approximately $40 or so...
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    Default Re: Next buy? Look into a "winter" scent? Love aquatic/marine smelling scents

    If you want to smell like an ocean, Kenzo Pour Homme would do the trick

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    Default Re: Next buy? Look into a "winter" scent? Love aquatic/marine smelling scents

    The only closest to 'oceanic' smell fragrance I know is Bvlgari Aqva pour Homme.
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    Default Re: Next buy? Look into a "winter" scent? Love aquatic/marine smelling scents

    Fougere Marine by Montale

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    Default Re: Next buy? Look into a "winter" scent? Love aquatic/marine smelling scents

    For marine and summer scents, I would definitely check out Bvlgari's Aqva. (And this one can be worn in colder weather as well because it has a somewhat sweet mineral type note in the dry down due to the amber.) Just be sure and let it dry down when you test it. The base is better than the top notes on Aqva. Other summer scents I'd consider that aren't too expensive would be Izod for men, Burberry Sport, and Chanel Allure Homme Sport Cologne Sport (this is the Allure Sport in the clear bottle).

    For an appealing younger leaning winter scent, try Paco Rabanne's 1 Million, Viktor & Rolf's Spicebomb, CK One Shock, Paco Rabanne's Black XS, JPG's Le Male, and YSL La Nuit de l'homme. All of these would be great winter scents for someone your age.

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