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    Default JR Writer (the youtube reviewer)

    For much of this year, he hasn't been making videos. He hasn't made a video in 5 months and the videos he's made before his hiatus were not related to fragrances. He was one of my favorite reviewers and I missed him. It may sound lame to say you miss someone who just talks about cologne on the internet, but when I watch videos, they convey their personality to me. I connect with them and I relate with them as a person.

    But yesterday, after months of silence, he hosted up a blog tv chat for about an hour and I was there.

    In a nutshell:
    - He's been busy moving into his house and training for his job at the Air Force.
    - He's gotten much more muscular. He's definitely been hitting the gym, he says he works out 5 days a week for an hour to 90 minutes each time.
    - He's not as crazy about fragrances as he was before, but still he enjoys the hobby. He cut down his large 100+ collection to the "essentials" (keeping about 10ml of everything before selling it) because he realized he would never wear all of them.
    - His new hobby is collecting sneakers. He's a sneaker-head
    - As for SOTD, he said he was wearing Tobacco Vanille. When I said New Haarlem was my SOTD, he said he liked that one.
    - He said his most recent fragrance purchase was Pure Cuir since he's a big Thierry Mugler fan.
    - He greatly praised Midnight In Paris, as well. He said he liked Spicebomb, but it wasn't something he would want to wear.
    - And he went on a long dialogue about why people should buy four-seat cars instead of two-seat cars.

    I was happy to see him after waiting so long. He was always one of my favorite reviewers.
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    Default Re: JR Writer (the youtube reviewer)

    He's making a comeback ;-)

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    Default Re: JR Writer (the youtube reviewer)

    Watched the video above. Found it informative about the guy.

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