I seem to be developing a bit of a head cold or a sinus infection and it's slowly but surely ruining my sense of smell into the bargain!

The timing couldn't be worse as I have just received two packs of samples including various gems from Killian, Serge Lutens, Lubin, Dior Hedi Slimane exclusives, Creed and more, and I'm eager to start sniffing! I just blind-bought three bargain bottles too and am keen to know if I've chosen well or landed a trio of turkeys. Are there any weird and wonderful remedies out there to speed up my olfactory recovery?

That got me to thinking about sense of smell in general: does anyone know if there are tried and tested ways of boosting the keenness of one's nasal protrusion? I once read that zinc is supposed to be good for this, or is it just a case of training it on the various notes in the fragrances we sniff?