Today I bought a fragrance as a Christmas gift for my mother's new man. She's been seeing him for about a year and seems blissfully happy, but I've never actually met him before, and this is the first Christmas we (those two, his son and daughter and me and my brothers) will spend Christmas together. I know, it's a risky choice of gift! I'll get him a book related to one of his interests as well, just to be safe.

This guy is about 55 years old, quite an old-fashioned kind of chap, and by the sounds of things rather civilized and intellectual. He likes Jazz and Classical music, thoroughly enjoys travel (mainly to places like the Middle East, Africa and India), and he's into trains, old books, whisky, cigars, and old-fashioned ale. Frankly, he sounds ace.

Anyway, he's getting Chergui by Serge Lutens.

Did I do good? Or have I made a terrible mistake?

Personally I LOVE the stuff. If he hates it I'd happily take it off his hands!