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  • Lacoste Essential Sport

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  • Versace Pour Homme

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  • Burberry Brit

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  • Ed Hardy Love and Luck

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    Default Need Help Selecting Cologne For College

    Hey guys, I'm buying another cologne and need your help. I recently bought The One and love it. It has a "fancy" vibe to it that I really dig. So I'm looking at colognes on amazon and have narrowed the list to a few and needed help.
    I already own the following-
    - Issey Miyake
    - Polo Black
    - One Million
    - Le Male
    - Eau Fraiche
    - Hanae Mori (Didn't really like it and neither did people at school)
    - Very Sexy
    - Angel Men (I like it, not balsy enough to wear it often)
    - Fierce
    - Allure Homme sport
    - Platinum Egoiste
    - Boss Bottled
    - Rochas Man
    - Burberry London
    - Burberry Brit
    - Black XS
    - Code
    - La nuit de la homme
    - Givenchy Pi
    - Aqua Di Gio
    - The One
    -David Beckham Homme

    I'm a college bound high school senior and so I need a good versatile fragrance for college. The choices are Dreamer, Essential Sport, Love and Luck , and Versace Pour Homme. Feel free to choose any other fragrance sold by amazon or give general suggestions however I these are are at about $40 (for 3.4) and that is the price range I was looking at. Also I am most likely going to go to college in a mostly/hot (Austin) warm climate. Once again thanks for helping me out.
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