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    Default TdH Parfum owners please help!

    This bottle of TdH Parfum has the word "Parfum" etched on the front of the bottle. I have done a search online and from the images I've seen, it should not have that etching on the front. On the side of the bottle where all the details are contained there are also two lines of words which reads:

    "Le Parfum. Une nouvelle densite
    Pure Perfume. A new density."

    Is this normal?

    photo 1.jpg

    You can see the word "Parfum"

    photo 2.jpg

    photo 3.jpg

    photo 4.jpg
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    Default Re: TdH Parfum owners please help!

    It´s a tester bottle. There´s the rub probably!
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    Default Re: TdH Parfum owners please help!

    That would be my guess too.

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    Default Re: TdH Parfum owners please help!

    The micro-features look 100% legit. If it's a fake, it's remarkable. I agree completely, it's gotta be a tester. I can damn near smell the authenticity just looking at it.

    Great purchase, BTW. That parfum is a contender for the one bottle I would keep if I had to get rid of everything else.
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    Default Re: TdH Parfum owners please help!

    I'm sure I can see (upside down) the words "tester - not for sale" on the 3rd photo.

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    Default Re: TdH Parfum owners please help!

    I have never seen that but it sure looks authentic and as you muust know, a tester bottle. Has to be real. Not to worry.
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    Default Re: TdH Parfum owners please help!

    It's legit. My bottle is a tester as well.
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