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    Question Help With These Classics Please

    Today on my way to the supermarket there was to my surprise a giant flea market in a field by the road in Trans En Provence.
    I decided to check it out and to my amazement there was a woman with quite a large selection of old perfumes.
    I immediately bought Tabac Original Intense, a rare and very underrated beauty that rivals vintage Bel Ami, but with extraodinary rich floral fond added which makes this fragrance very sophisticated ~ almost niche quality.
    I am undecided about some of the others, namely......
    Weil Pour Homme. She had a tester and sprayed my arm. I must add here that I think this not the oldest version. This is the one in the silver box. Although at first I found it piercingly sharp,(along the lines of Platinum Egoiste or Boss Spirit) I really enjoyed the effect of it carried on a breeze and kept getting very pleasant blasts. There is some confusion here because she also sprayed one of my long standing favourites on my hand ~ Captain Molyneux. I love that special note that Captain contains that makes it so truly unique.So this very pleasant breeze was probably a melange.......which means I will have to buy both and layer them. So I would like your advice on Weil Pour Homme here.
    She also had Yardley English Blazer which I believe is discontinued and quite rare ? I am undecided on this one. She did not have a tester. Although I don't rate a lot of their fragrances, there are some exceptions like their Black Label. The thing that puts me off getting English Blazer are the comparisons to Drakker Noir and Insignia. I really detest both of these fragrances. Again, your views on this one are very welcome.
    I tried and liked, REALLY liked Robe d'Un Jour from Carven, a discontinued womens fragrance which struck me as a femmine version of Habit Rouge. I will almost definitely buy this.......does anyone know this one ?
    She also had Leonara, but I could not test it and there seems to be no information/reviews on this. Has anyone tried it ?
    She had many other perfumes, but had already packed them away as the flea market was starting to close. She is attending a big flea market tommorrow so I will be able to see it all there.
    Her Crowning glory was a 1000ml, (stunning flacon) of D'Orsay Etiquette Bleue. I have had the vintage stuff before and was very impressed. I am tempted by the giant flacon which has been out of production for many years, but she wants 240 euros and has an original price tag of 440 euros on the box. Even if I get her down to 200 euros, it's a lot of money for me. Some basenotes reviewers do rate this vintage fragrance extremely highly. Should I go for this, despite the price tag ?
    Thanks for your help.
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    EB is truly a stunning fragrance...I think I have a tablet of EB soap somewhere. It sounds to be a bargain, although I should imagine the juice might go off before you got through the 1L.
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    Default Re: Help With These Classics Please

    I have Weil Pour Homme old and new versions and they are both wonderful IMO. If you can get it for a good price it's well worth it.

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