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    Question Carven ~ Robe de Jour

    I tried this briefly today at a flea market and was VERY impressed !
    Does anyone own this/ has anyone tried this ? I found it to be almost like a female equivelent to Habit Rouge.
    There are no reviews of it here and it's not even listed on fragrantica ! can such a good fragrance go unoticed ???

    Also, your views please on Leonara.
    It gets a string of excellent reviews on fragrantica, but not a single review on basenotes.
    If you know this fragrance I would love to hear your views.
    Thanks, David.
    ps got the name of the fragrance slightly's Robe d'Un Jour.
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    Default Re: Carven ~ Robe de Jour

    Not familiar with your Carven, although have about 10 samples of their other fragrances.

    Leonara Leonard -- is all right, got artificial sandalwood in the drydown that I can't wear. Rather than that it is sweet, becoming quite powdery with heliotrope and better in miniscule amounts. It balances on masculine/feminine border in the beginning and becomes more feminine as it wears. A lot of people around seem to notice it. There are better sandalwood fragrances to be found, but they are in the different price league.
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    Default Re: Carven ~ Robe de Jour

    Never smelled Robe d'un Jour...just the Soir version, which is lovely.
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