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    Default Prada Luna Rossa

    I have not had the chance to smell this fragrance "Prada Luna Rossa" But I have heard many good things about it. The notes are...Lavender, Orange, Sage, Spearmint, Wood and Amber. In my opinion the notes seem favorable but I tend to HATE Prada's. Any have the chance to smell this fragrance yet? And isn't this fairly new?

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    Default Re: Prada Luna Rossa

    To be honest I didn't like the top of this one. To me smelled very flowery and powdery at the same time. The dry down was nice though, reminded me of something I would wear with a suit and tie. Need to experiment more with this one but so far it's not one of my favorites.

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    Default Re: Prada Luna Rossa

    It's nice, but just a bit to 'clean' and 'soapy' same may I feel about Infusions. Lacks anything special!

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    Default Re: Prada Luna Rossa

    I absolutely love this. It's the type which makes you feel happy / confident when wearing it. I got a 100ml a few weeks after it came out.

    It's one I wear with a shirt and chinos or suit etc not really one for jeans and t-shirt (in my opinion, of-course).

    Only disappointment is the bottle, it looks fantastic but they've cost cut on the actual materials; the strips on the glass are actually plastic and not metal as I expected.

    Also disappointed over the lack of hype, I know it's not ground breaking but it is a solid scent. No reviews at all of this on YouTube aside from two girls who gives there opinions on it.

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    Default Re: Prada Luna Rossa

    Generic crap, don't waste your time.

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    Default Re: Prada Luna Rossa

    Buy it only if you absolutely love the Prada line.

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    Default Re: Prada Luna Rossa

    I have a sample. Underwhelming. Bland.
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    Default Re: Prada Luna Rossa

    Not bad. I personally do not like Prada fragrances. They seem to always have a dry soapy vibe which I do not like. I like a clean bright soapy vibe that I get from thierry Mugler Cologne.
    Luna Rossa still has that dry soapy vibe but it is tamed and brightened up. So while I may not like Luna Rossa enough to buy, I think it is the best of the Prada line.

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    Default Re: Prada Luna Rossa

    Initially I thought it was great but after a few wearings I'm not so sure.

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    Default Re: Prada Luna Rossa

    prefer infusion over this ..

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    Default Re: Prada Luna Rossa

    Have just tried this today, did not dislike it, in fact, it has a certain appealing freshness.

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    Default Re: Prada Luna Rossa

    I only smelled a test strip in a magazine; oddly it smelled VERY much like my lavender + vanilla candle from BBW.
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    Default Re: Prada Luna Rossa

    Quote Originally Posted by QWERTYOP View Post
    Underwhelming. Bland.

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    Default Re: Prada Luna Rossa

    Forgot what it smelled like, but I recall not being impressed. I was neutral about it.

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    Default Re: Prada Luna Rossa

    I am not impressed with the whole Prada line. They should have been able to do better imo.

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    Default Re: Prada Luna Rossa

    I have tried it. It's just awesome. Starting from the design you know there will be something great in the bottle. And it is. Is purely elegance. Is not the type of perfume you put everyday, but for special occasions, is the best. And everyone will recognise it, or recognise the nobility.
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    Default Re: Prada Luna Rossa

    I tried it and was not impressed. The only one from Prada worth purchasing (that i have smelled) IMO is Prada Amber Pour Homme
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    Default Re: Prada Luna Rossa

    I liked it quite a bit, but I am a fan of they're other fragrances as well. Perhaps it's too similar to Infusion d'Homme.

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    Default Re: Prada Luna Rossa

    it doesn't last very long,

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    Default Re: Prada Luna Rossa

    Just a generic fresh, soapy, scent. It's okay but it does nothing special for me. There are better alternatives for this kind of scent.

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    Default Re: Prada Luna Rossa

    I smelled it before. Had a sales associate insist to spray it on me. I did not like it at all, probably would have thought it was a Perfume rather than a cologne. Smelled like powder and rose. You would have to pay me to wear this.

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    Default Re: Prada Luna Rossa

    It's ok but it doesn't last.

    Maybe it will be more popular if they discontinue it !

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    Default Re: Prada Luna Rossa

    Several mentions of this fragrance not lasting very long. I'm wearing it today. Four sprays this morning at 8am, it's now 3:15pm and I can still smell it fairly easily. That's pretty good performance in my book.

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    Default Re: Prada Luna Rossa

    Love it love it love it, idk why, but I just wanna drive to mall and pick up immediately. Having cravings

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    Default Re: Prada Luna Rossa

    Odd one for me - some days I like it, some days I don't. Like the dry down much more than the top notes though.

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